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  • Finder II Series—Full-featured Monocular, born for Precise Outdoor Observation

    “From all the spotters that I used here in my store, is the FH25R my personal favorite for 2 years now. The image is excellent. Very good details. And because of the size, it fits easily in your pocket...” — said Rinus van Wezep, a business owner of a hunting and outdoor company from the Netherlands. Finder 25R is InfiRay's first thermal monocular featuring with laser rangefinder (LRF) function. It is favored by users because of its clear image quality and compact size. Now the Finder family ushered in the second generation of new products-Finder FL35R & FH35R. If you are a hunter who is looking for a monocular with a laser ranging function, then you can look at the InfiRay Finder family. Including the objective lens from 25mm to 35mm, compact size with full featured functions, Finder Family series are the ones you should not miss. So, what are the improvements of the Finder II Series - FL35R & FH35R? Firstly, the display is upgraded to OLED, while lowest NETD≤35mK. While Finder II Series retains 384x288 and 640x512 pixel pitch two sensors for users to choose from, cooperating with F35/1.0mm fine-workmanship objective lens and 1024x768 resolution OLED ensure prefer detail recognition capability and output clear thermal imaging with multilayer contrast quality. Especially our FH35R, The smallest temperature differences can be precisely detected by 12μm thermal detector featuring NETD≤35mK, at the same time, with the help of ultra-clear mode, during rainfall, fog or other inclement weather conditions which hinder thermals from forming clear imaging. For a better visual experience, Finder II supports the switching of cold and warm hues of the image. With the cold hue setting, the users can experience visually clearer imaging quality with rich details, highlight targets. With the warm hue setting, the users can get softer imaging to avoid visual fatigue brought by a long time viewing. Secondly, the longer precise LRF distance has been achieved. Hunters regard laser ranging as a helpful function, they hope it can be accurate and realize as long-distance as it can. Considering the needs of users, the LRF distance of Finder II has been improved. Finder II Series has a built-in laser ranging module, which provides both single ranging and continuous ranging that can capture and display target distance quickly and accurately. With an accuracy of±1m within 800m, accurate evaluation of distance and terrain is quick and easy. Thirdly, in addition to the improvement of LRF, the detection range has also been upgraded to 1818 meters.The 35mm objective lens in combination with advanced thermal imaging hardware provides exceptional detection. Within a range of 1818 meters in the complete dark, a target (1.8x0.5 meters) can be detected by FL35R & FH35R. Finder II pursues the further distance, the more exploration. Fourthly, the battery of Finder II is upgraded to a replaceable battery pack. Long-time outdoor hunting requires a long lifetime of the batte...

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  • Mat Manning-Hunting rabbits with InfiRay Tube TL35

    Mat Manning is a traditional hunter who is transferred from digital infrared optic to InfiRay Tube TL35 thermal riflescope, a switch to thermal gear helps Mat Manning bring some tricky bunnies to book during a nocturnal foray. Let's see how the InfiRay Tube TL35 thermal riflescope helps him greatly in rabbits hunting!

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  • Mr. Infiray Interview – Sam Halsor, a Z Generation Hunter.

    Sam Halsor is our brand ambassador in the US, a young hunter with curiosity about new things. “I will never forget the very first time I went hunting with my dad at a very young age, it was such a fancy experience.” Thanks to the early beginning, 26-years-old Sam is already a maven now. When sharing the know-how of a harvest night:“Hunting experiences and understanding about the territory is the keystone but thermal devices also help a lot. Apart from productivity, it is also a novel feeling to pull the trigger within the thermal image.” More than a hobbit and don’t want to be defined as a job Sam told us his perception about hunting: “It is a unique lifestyle for me, it allows me to escape from the urban life and release myself in nature. Below are the details of this interview: Q1: Hi Sam, would you like to tell us what does hunting means to you? A1: Humm…hunting to me is a way of life. It allows me to take a step away from reality and spend time in nature. Q2: We would like to know more about you, how old are you and when did you first get into hunting? A2: My name is Sam and I am 26 years old. I first started hunting with my dad at a young age. He taught me to respect the animal and be thankful for the opportunity to put food on the table. Q3: Do you have any unforgettable moments during the hunting? A3: There are several nights I have spent hunting that I will never forget. One night we were able to eradicate 45 feral hogs, and the other night my friend and I were able to call in dozens of coyotes and put 20 in the truck before sunrise. Q4: You mentioned your experiences with night hunting, so what are the differences between night and daytime hunting, and what advantages of hunting do you think during the night? A4: Hunting at night can be more productive than daytime hunting. At night, the feral hogs and coyotes come out to play. Sometimes they let their guard down when it’s dark out and allow you to get into situations you wouldn’t normally find yourself in. Q5: During the preparation stage, what equipment usually goes to your bag. A5: Well, there is a long list, I try to have extra batteries, ammo, and several other things. Q6: Talking about the equipment, do you use thermal hunting products, and do you think it is helpful for hunting and why? A6: Definitely yes, they all help to see animals at night that might be out of detection range for night vision. Q7: As our ambassador, we would like to know what InfiRay Outdoor product is your favorite and what you want to have most, why? A7: I am excited to use the InfiRay MINI MH25. It is a great thermal optic to mount on a helmet. A8: What kind of improvements or changes would you like to see in the InfiRay Outdoor devices? Q8: The only flaw I am aware of for InfiRay products, is the audio recording isn’t matched with the video. Q9: We will fix this bug for sure. Your advice is really critical to us; therefore, we also want to know what are things that are important to pay attention to when ch...

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  • Mr InfiRay Interview-Paolo Bulgarelli and His Hunting

    "La caccia è il mio collegamento con la natura!" this is said by our Italian Mr. InfiRay Paolo Bulgarelli, hunting is his connection with nature. 53-year-old Paolo Bulgarelli has nearly 25 years of hunting experience. The deer is the animal which he hunts most often. With passionate and hunting gear he told us how an avid hunter is. Today we have an interview with this gentleman, here is the interview: Q1: So Paolo, what does hunting mean to you? A1: well, hunting is my connection with nature. When I am hunting, I transform myself and I can use senses that, as an inhabitant of an average city, I did not even know I had. Q2: That’s a good answer, tell us a little about yourself,Paolo? How old are you and when did you first get into hunting? A2: I am 53 years old. I used to accompany my father hunting when I was a very young child. He hunted small birds, it was not my hunt. I dreamed of traveling the world hunting large animals (which were no longer in my places). Growing up I discovered that they had returned to populate my mountains and I started hunting. I've been hunting for about 25 years. Q3: So, do you have any unforgettable moments during the hunting? A3: Hunting always leaves indelible memories. Oddly, the best memories are related to outings where I didn't shoot. When you shoot then you have a whole series of tasks. You have to recover the animal (and it will often take hours, with absurd efforts), clean it and fulfill the various documents. The moments just lived reappear only the following days (the fatigue, in part, is forgotten) Also, there is a memory linked to an infiray device ........ I leave home in the dark, the night is starry, it doesn't happen often in the middle of winter. In the car a sweet warmth, so different from what the external thermometer indicates to me as the external temperature. Today I can go hunting in a very good spot for fallow deer. There is a drinking water tank that serves the few houses of a small mountain hamlet, climbing on it you have a splendid view of the valley, set between mountains, which opens up below. At 10 km from this point here is a problem that I did not expect .... fog. It looks fine but gets worse at every turn. Entering the valley from above it is clear that it is completely covered. However, I go to the observation point, hoping that it will pass or at least that the thermal will perform a miracle. I stay there for more than an hour, by now it has been day for a long time and I could hunt but I am wrapped in a thick and impenetrable white. With the sun it dissolves a little. I still do not see anything but, the thermal, something is beginning to see. A first "white ghost" appears, then a second, a third and a fourth ..... the field below me about a kilometer is populated with animals, it's time to hunt ..... Q4: Return to hunting, can you tell us the differences between hunting at day and night, and what the advantages of hunting you think during night? A4: That's a good question, at ni...

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  • Tube TD50L- InfiRay First Digital NV Riflescope

    The reason of great hunting may include several crucial factors, but good optic that gives you acute alert vision and outstanding performance through the wild from day to night can never be outmoded. Carry on above, the night vision optics and scopes are most widely used by nighttime hunters around the world, so with the trend the first digital night rifle scope of brand InfiRay with classic design imitating traditional riflescopes - Tube TD50L is officially released on 4th, November in year 2021. Three key feature phrases can express insightfully what this NV riflescope will be: Impressive NV image quality, exceptional outdoor NV tool and multifunctional options for possibility. Impressive NV Image Quality Sensors always offer more sensitive detections in night times than normal optics. That's the technical superiority of development. TD50L has adopted smart CMOS sensor with 1440 resolutions, combined with effective internal night vison algorithm and high resolution displayit ensures crisp image quality and clear night viewing range up to 600 meters. Most importantly, this CMOS sensor still keeps enhanced nighttime sensitivity and performance in ultra-low light environment. There are two types of IR illuminators for users to choose from in consideration of feedbacks from market and realistic needs during night hunting: 940nm and 850nm spectrum range. The main difference between the two illuminators is the reflection to them from wild animals. With 850nm hunters can reach further viewing during the night, with 940nm you can hunt animals that are sensitive to infrared radiation without frightening them away and keep totally invisible status. Exceptional outdoor NV tool With durability and ruggedness TD50L has built the standard. Getting through the protection standard of IP67 which means this riflescope is made by reliable workmanship and fully waterproof and dustproof. It can perfectly survive and stand from the constantly changing complicated outdoor environment, even keep performance from a long-time up to 30 minutes underwater with 1m depth. Staying with hunting journey the equipment usually needs rugged construction and is capable of being resistant to the ever-changing rusts and shocks from outside. Full-aluminium alloy housing and solid internal construction of TD50L is competent in stopping these inevitable damages from daily use. The precondition for hunters to operate and try out these NV tools is the enough long battery life to support operations. Built-in 6600 mAh and external replaceable 18650 battery ensures TD50L to offer the sufficient operating time up to 13H which allow hunters to take flexible hunts from day to night. Multifunctional options for possibility Simple viewing spotter with digital magnification is incongruent with TD50L, besides the fundamental capability hunters are benefited also from his multifunctional options such as video/photo function, continuous digital zoom from 4x to 16x, 6 reticles with color changes and ...

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  • InfiRay Talks: Digital Night Vision and Thermal Vision

    When it comes to night vision, most of us naturally think that these products are professional tools that enable us to have visible imaging in nighttime. But do you know how many types of night vison devices under the category of "night vision"? Actually they are three main types: image intensifier night vision, digital night vision and thermal vision. The image intensifier night vision is largely limited used in military and law enforcement, so the topic we want to focus on is digital night vison and thermal vision which are widely applied in the civil field. Digital Night Vision                                                                         Thermal Vision Digital Night Vision& thermal vision For digital night vision, when the darker light resources enter the high-sensitivity CCD (Charge Coupled Device) or CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) sensor, they will be converted into electrical signals and be transferred and processed through the processor, these digital signals will be re-processed by the integrated software algorithm and sent to the LCD or OLED screen display, finally they will form a visible imaging and reflection of real objects. Thermal vision is divided into active and passive. To put it simply, active thermal vision use thermal searchlights to illuminate targets and receive reflected thermal radiation to form an image and the passive thermal vision radiates infrared rays based on all objects whose absolute temperature is above zero (-273°C). The basic principle of it is to detect the heat radiation emitted from the targets and the background and form thermal imaging through the integrated processing and algorithm. Basically, these night vision devices are mainly used for: Wildlife observation and explores Night hunting and paintball game Search and rescue Night fishing and boating Both digital night vision and thermal vision are able to use for day and night, but in consideration of different working principles there have indeed evident differences between digital night vision and thermal vision. The main differences between digital night vision and thermal vision can be concluded: 1) The effects of digital night vision focus more on "recognition" compared to thermal vision. In other words, the targets seen by the digital night vision is their real appearance that can be distinguished. Thermal vision expresses a heat distribution map of the targets, not the realistic appearance of them. 2) Difference on detection range: the detection range of the digital night vision is limited is greatly affected by the weather and environment. The thermal detection range is longer and has more advantages in dealing with adverse weather conditions such as foggy and raining days. 3) Difference on practicality in wild: the digital night visi...

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