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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

User Experience of InfiRay HOLO Series

User Experience of InfiRay HOLO Series

May 29,2020

A Brief Review of InfiRay Thermal Scope HL13

My buddies have other brand products that I've used, both 384 and 640 units and I'm quite familiar with their qualities and quirks as a comparison. I purchased this immediately after Christmas and I've had this in the field 3-4 times now and it's awesome!

Rock solid mount, never freezes (knock on wood) and the battery life with CR123 batteries has been STELLAR. It takes a while to get used to the auto-nuc feature, but I like it. You can also select manual calibration while you want to. Consider with the tiny model size, this scope done well in detecting thermal target for mid to long distance. Recently I've been able to positively ID hogs at 500 yards, which beats my friend's 384 unit all over the place.

All functions are intuitive and easy to use, even though there are basically only two buttons to manipulate its menu. You can simply find major functions via pushing and pressing one button. Some unique functions are set as shortcut and you just need to push the button once to activate those functions. The major labelled ‘OK’ button has five directions and to me, it more like joystick than ‘button’ as usual.

This Holo scope has varies color palettes to choose from, like white hot, black hot, iron rainbow. The different color indicates temperature differences. For me, black hot gives me the best resolution, I can identify any thermal animals clearly.

When you hunting game at night, that is crucial to keep yourself in dark. I keep the holo scope on the lowest brightness setting and it doesn't light up my face too badly at night. Daytime, highest brightness setting and no sunglasses is necessary to see the screen. This scope also embedded with zeroing; you can change the location of your reticle on the screen. Zeroing is easy, tracking is accurate, and seeing the adjustment units on the screen is awesome, in my case, just move the cross hair to the previous location and you're good to go.

Further than zeroing, when comes to reticle, this scope provides multiple reticle styles and colors. I prefer using the white cross reticle. The Picatinny rail is now commonly used in rifles. This Scope has the adapter of Picatinny rail and an extra rail on the right of the scope, if you like add preferred attachment. Something surprise me is: this holo scope even has laser to aid your aiming which is missing in those grand brands’ scopes.

I've never used the zoom function in the field, the native magnification is 1x though, magnified up to 4x. This is plenty because my engagements are always inside of 100 yards, usually 50 yards. I'd buy again without any hesitation, so far, my favorite thermal I've used. This is a no-nonsense thermal that works and works well.

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