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Thermal Imaging Monocular

Thermal Imaging Monocular

A Review for Thermal Xeye E2n Thermal Imager

A Review for Thermal Xeye E2n Thermal Imager

May 19,2020

In summer 2019 I received the Thermal Xeye E2n thermal imaging camera from Haptner Jagd

When I received the package excitedly, the first thing I noticed was that the camera only had a nylon stocking to transport the camera, for example in a backpack or in a pocket to store it.

This amazed me because the thermal imaging camera is actually more of a high-priced purchase.

Of course, I first had to charge the battery with the supplied cable for the camera, which made waiting even more difficult.

The same evening, of course, I made my way to the nearby fields of our community. The first animal I saw was a stray domestic cat, then a fox and the fenced-in cows.

With the different settings you can adjust the colors and brightness of the camera, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

The camera's moon function turns night into day. This function impressed me a lot about the Xeye E2n. It can be so dark you can see perfectly.

I noticed that distant animals are only shown with a "red" spot. But you can be sure that there is something there.

At normal distances, for example from a high seat, you can see the objects quite well.

I had also tested the thermal imaging camera during the day's hunt. In front of me was a deforested beech forest, in which there were always deer. Except for tree stumps, branches and dry beech leaves, nothing was visible to the naked eye in this area.

When I used the Xeye E2n thermal imaging camera and scouted the area in front of me, 3 deer could be found there. It was a roe deer and two fawns that rested comfortably in the morning sun.

With the naked eye it was almost impossible to see these animals. The deer camouflage was far too good in this cleared forest. The distance was 140 meters.

The camera can be used very well both during the day and at night.

My conclusion about the Xeye E2n thermal imager. A suitable camera for the hunter for his passion to observe wildlife.

I fully agree with the price-performance ratio. Surely there are still cameras that are a bit more expensive, but this camera is ideal for normal hunting use.The camera is very handy and can be easily taken anywhere.

A more robust transport box would be desirable to take with you or to keep so that it is better protected.

With greetings from Waidmann

Gregor KlingFelsberg

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