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Thermal Imaging Monocular

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Handheld Thermal Eye II series version 2.0

Handheld Thermal Eye II series version 2.0

Aug 19,2020

Handheld Thermal Eye II series version 2.0

Have you check your battery before leaving?
Thermal monocular devices have technologically two charging methods: micro USB charging with built-in Battery, detachable rechargeable battery. Each one finds his ways, but for most handheld thermal they apply built-in battery with following reasons:

• increasing compactness
• recharging convenience(via USB cable)
• protection and maintenance of inside construction

Otherwise the USB charging button inside the thermal usually embedded with rubber cup to prevent moisture into the devices, which contributes to extend thermals working life. As in most cases you bring your thermal units into wild, you will often encounter inclement weather and the humidity is relatively high, so built-in battery also can protect your power system at the highest level, and ensure that your normal operation can’t trouble by electricity failure suddenly.

Besides types of battery we also tend to focus on battery life. We expect thermals contain more battery life to get longer operating time. But equally manufacturers will sacrifice core resolution to increase battery times, because core processing cost most of power inside thermal, don’t forget to check the specs before making decision.

In view of above and other specs we made update in EyeII series, from version 1.0 to version 2.0. Aim to provide all-round thermal monocular for our users. Firstly you can have a quick-look of features about this stuff:

•Uncooled Vox 12um thermal core with NETD 50mK
•Narrower field of view with high base magnification
•built-in battery and longer operating hours
•Light weight <500g with rugged alloying housing
•2590meters detection range
•16GB built-in memory with WI-FI connection

6-7 Hours Battery life
We indeed update and extend the battery life in EyeII 2.0, but we keep same core resolution with version 1.0, with which you can experience same image sharpness as well longer operating hours. Thermal detecting and image processing need plenty of power consuming in the thermal core, we offer 384x288 or 640x512 core resolution with 6-7 hours operation can meet with all outdoor needs.

12um thermal core
We upgrade thermal core inside of Eye II from 17 um to 12um, 12um thermal core improve detection capability in pixel size and enhance more perception of heating-signature, increase more details processing. When it reflexes on 1280x960 LCOS screen, the sharpness is unbeatable.

2590 meters detection range
Two range concepts may confuse us in the first: detection range and identification range. Detection range means the longest range detected by thermal. The identification range is range that the thermal can identify the objects. Detection range makes the key feature of thermal scopes, long range detection can expand the exploration and searching area for you regardless of adverse terrain, worse condition. The EyeII V2.0 with 2590 meters detection range is undoubtedly high-level in the market

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