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InfiRay Outdoor Mobile Application

InfiRay Outdoor Mobile Application

Jan 30,2021

InfiRay Outdoor Mobile Application

InfiRay Outdoor- a mobile application developed for hunters, professional sports shooters, forestry and conservation organizations, and other outdoor thermal users who enthusiasts by InfiRay Technology.


  • Information acquirement

What we want to make InfiRay Outdoor be is not only as functional mobile tools but also as a reader or sharing platform to our customers who want to acquire the newest information about our brand and products. Customers can get all information of our products, via link to our official website, social platforms like Facebook and Youtube, you can receive more updating contents and recommendation news.

  • Live imaging streaming

InfiRay Outdoor application turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile viewfinder. Image captured by thermal imaging device can be transmitted live to the screen of smartphone or tablet.

  • Photo and Video recording

Photo and Video recording functions are available inside of the InfiRay Outdoor. The files can be recorded either to the internal memory of the connected unit or directly to the smartphone or tablet.

  • File sharing

InfiRay Outdoor application lets the user share recorded photos and videos. Recorded files can be downloaded from thermal imaging device to smartphone and shared with friends.

  • Access to remote FTP files

Providing fully functional access to remote FTP files and remote access to memory files of the thermal imaging device.

  • Feedback and suggestion submit

There is submit module we design inside of the APP which supports the feedback and suggestion from our customers, we believed all feedbacks from you are valuable for continuous improvement of products.S

  • Free of charge

InfiRay Outdoor is Completely free – we believe that our customers have the right to think of it as the logic integral functional extension of the device.

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