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Thermal Imaging Monocular

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Review of InfiRay Eye Series Thermal Imaging Monocular

Review of InfiRay Eye Series Thermal Imaging Monocular

May 18,2020

Review of InfiRay Eye Series Thermal Imaging Monocular

InfiRay Eye series has some of the best thermal imagers’ features for outdoor. These devices are designed lightweight with features to work well outdoor.

InfiRay Eye is a compact handheld thermal imaging monocular that is easy to use and perfect for targeting animals. Thermal imaging technology used in this monocular includes the micro-bolometers to detect the heat signature difference among objects.

  • Thermal Sensor

This InfiRay Eye series handheld thermal imager has the VOx Micro-bolometer (an advanced thermal sensor) of 240X180, 384X288 and 640X512 pixels.

This un-cooled thermal sensor is also one of the reasons for the lightweight feature of this monocular. Though these monocular do not have very high-resolution sensor, these are best among the other entry-level thermal imaging monocular with the commendable quality.

  • Frame Rate and Detection

The frame rate of this thermal spotter is 50 Hz frames per second that is decent value for entry-level monocular users. The detection range of this compact thermal imaging monocular varies, from 475m to 700m then 1300m in the high-level model.

  • LCD Display

Digital Detail Enhancement in this InfiRay thermal imaging monocular show high-quality images and video recording.

It has an LCOS display of resolution 720X540 pixels. Every thermal spotter on the display has the temperature details and contrast so you can differentiate the objects and animals. The field of view of this device is 20X15 degrees.

  • Device Controls

InfiRay Eye series thermal spotter/monocular has a great intuitive user-interface. There are four easy buttons to control the device. The power button starts the device in around 3 seconds. A short press on the image-capture button for taking photos and long-press for recording video.

  • Color Palettes

The handheld thermal imager has different color palettes and allows you to choose as per your likes. So, you will get the chance to modify your images and videos with your preferred colors.

  • Battery Life

The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery used to power the monocular which can long up to 15 hours of processing time.

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