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Thermal Imaging Monocular

Thermal Imaging Monocular

Review of InfiRay Thermal Imaging Scope DV DL13

Review of InfiRay Thermal Imaging Scope DV DL13

Apr 26,2020

Review of InfiRay DV DL13

InfiRay Thermal Imaging Scope DV Series DL-13 is remarkably lightweight and compact pocket-sized thermal scope units with weights only 89 grams. This scope basically looks like a traditional rangefinder, however, with far more significant capabilities: phone accessory, thermal temperature measurement etc.

Sensor resolution is 384x288 with a new 17μm pixel pitch while a Frame Rate will stay the same at 25 Hz. It is of paramount to understand that a combination of microsensor and 17μm pixel pitch enables the DL-13 to perform tremendously well. Compact and lightweight build also give credit to the microsensor which allows an entire composition to be so small. Start-up time has been reduced to a mere 3 seconds which is one of the most lightning fast start-ups in the market of thermal monoculars.

Calibration is shaped in the same trend as with the InfiRay devices – automatic and manual. When it comes to a display, DL-13 is available with a brand new HD microdisplay. The HD display is designed to face freezing temperatures all the way up to -20°C.

With DL-13, you are able to display a thermal image in 6 different colors. The White Hot and Black Hot are predominantly used for detection activities, High Contrast Rainbow and Rainbow display temperature differences of the observing object more significantly.DL-13, the handheld thermal imager can connect with smart phone via Type-C USB. All its functions perform well in smart phone, as phone accessory.

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