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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

RICO-RH50: Thermal Core with 640x512 Resolution

RICO-RH50: Thermal Core with 640x512 Resolution

Aug 24,2020

RICO-RH50: Thermal Core with 640x512 Resolution

How much do you know about your thermal core?

Thermal core parameters consist of one of the important key features in thermal devices, which have determined performance estimation applying to all thermal imaging units, including detection capability, NETD measurement and imaging processing ability aimed at moving targets.etc. Thermal core specs are typically expressed with pixel pitch “um” and core resolution, which denotes technological superiority or excellent performance behind the sensor, and supplies estimation standard whether the detector is better in targets detection and imaging process.

Rico RH50 from Xinfrared offers technological updates and improvements on the basic foundation of RICO RL42, especially making innovation in thermal sensor to provide world-leading imaging processing advantages. A little brief comparison for those of who want to look between RL45 with RH50 lists as following:

Key features including in Rl42 as following:
• 12um thermal core with 384x288 core resolution
• NETD≤50mK with 50 frame rate
• 4-16 magnification for long range shot
• 1024x768 AMOLED high HD display
• 6 hours no-stop operation
• 32 built-in Memory, enough for pictures and video needs
• Special Ultra-clear mode and PIP(picture-in picture) function
• 2179 thermal detection with built-in rangefinder.

Key features improvements including in RH50 as following:
• 12um thermal core with 640X512 core resolution
• 2.8-11.2 magnification for long range shot
• 2594 thermal detection with built-in rangefinder.

The new Rico RH50 is update version, including all features of RL42 alongside applying 12 um sensor with 640x512 core resolution, enhancing thermal detector sensitivity in most extent compared with 384x288 resolution thermal detector, which increases clarity and detailedness of the images, and together with HD AMOLED display ensures better identification of the objects in the pitch-black conditions. Still targets or objects in the movement, all heat-emitting things will never escape from your eye.

Besides leading technological thermal core is RH50 embedded with 50mm larger objective lens as well as the built-in rangefinder to give advantages in longer detection range, which can reach unbelievable up to 2594meters. Under the range measuring function it supplies two modes: Single Time Measurement and Scanning mode with ±1 m accuracy up to 1 km distance, exceptional performance as well professional for diversified operation needs.

Rico RH5O is compared high-level thermal riflescope as the product designed on the market. Except for increasing budget the excellent performance and compact design allow multiple applications available in various situations, hunting, outdoor activities, guarding of the farm, observing nature.etc. User-friendly interface with sensitive response makes it easy to operate, feeling superiority in operation. If you want more information about this unit, please leave a message.

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