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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Rico Series: Begin your new hunting

Rico Series: Begin your new hunting

Jul 17,2020

12um Thermal Sensor-Rico Series: Begin your new hunting

When it comes to picking up a out-perform thermal device for our hunting time, we often search online for available information. Looking through websites with thermal brands, online shops with related products in Amazon, Wish, etc. reviews, articles and referred useful videos on Youtube.  External ways we can look for help to local distributors and experience with the real device in their stores. We compared, again and again, among prices, performance, functions and other issues. Most of them conclude or listed the main  factors that could influence your thermal using and hunting experience as below:

  • NETD
  • Refresh rate
  • Reticle options
  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Magnification and range
  • Resolution for detector and display

To be truly speaking, most of the big thermal brands on the markets they have developed and launched so many brand-new and marvelous products that almost conclude all the above features, some of them even maybe add new and innovative technology and function in it but as well as they are more expensive. But that doesn't mean it's better fixed in your hunting journey.
So for the hunter who always seeks the ultimate experience with the latest 12um pixel size thermal sensor and we are going to recommend and introduce our state-of-art thermal sensor technology with its 12um pixel pitch which is equipped in our Rico-series scope. B
rief view of recommending features related to Rico-series we list as below:

  • 12um thermal sensor for two models
  • Optional detector resolution: 348 x 288/640 x 512
  • 42mm lens for 348x288 resolution and 50mm lens for  640x512 resolution
  • NETD ≤50 mK and 50HZ  frame rate
  • High-resolution OLED Display
  • B-Pack detachable Power System and optional rangefinder

The micron number or pixel pitch is referring to the sensor in the scope. At the core of the thermal system, there is an IR detector, which consists of a thermal pixel array (TPA). Pixel array looks like a rectangular matrix of pixels. The distance (microns) between the centers o two adjacent pixels on the detector array is the pitch (also called pixel size).

Pixel size is the one responsible for the level of detail. Pixels are typically measured in micrometers, or “microns,” and smaller pixel sizes are better, the space between pixels on the detector that has to be interpolated when the image is formed electronically, we called pixel density or fill factor. — the smaller the pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more detail you’ll see.

Apart from that, a smaller pixel pitch produces a smaller diagonal for a given resolution and more FPAs per unit area. Smaller image diagonals and smaller pixel pitches offer smaller optics apertures per desired instantaneous field-of-view (IFOV), thus presenting expected savings in optics costs. Because the sensors are getting smaller that means it allows you to run a smaller lens.

We all know the lens of a thermal is made from germanium which is extremely expensive, in most cases the lens of a thermal cost more than the rest of the scope does to produce. To a certain extent, in the same lens, the smaller sensor you use, the better capturing quality with more details you can get, which in economic save your cost for thermal and in experience improve your hunting detail, cost-effective. The lower the pixel size the more efficient the scope is equals a thermal can have more magnification with the same lens size if it has a lower micron sensor.

Considerably we have developed two optional detector resolutions for different condition requirements  in  your  hunting  ways. With 1024 puls 768 OLED  HD  display,  NETD ≤50 mK and 50HZ  frame rate, we will make a promise it will turn to be your powerful hunting machine. Don't miss it.

Another two useful assets that I want to notice are the optional rangefinder and detachable battery pack, you can detach the part off your device if you have no requirements and if it is necessary you can reload. Long-range detection assists in such cases that small objects and small scene features have higher contrast and sharper edges, making them more readily recognizable at long ranges. Whatsoever you are stalking with your prey or observing your hogs over thousands of meters. Outperform thermal scope with such phenomenal units on your rifle is to be deserved.

So have you geared up your hunting? heard of the recall of your ambition? Just go and explore bravely with our Rico-series for the new word in the darkness!

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