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Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Saim Series, The best choice in its price level

Saim Series, The best choice in its price level

Jun 12,2020

Review of InfiRay Saim SCT35

InfiRay comes up a lot in the thermal scopes conversation because their gear is popular and receives positive reviews. The Saim SCT35 by InfiRay indicates strong trends: the reliable thermal camera, clear image quality and solid build quality.

First up: let's have a look at its lens quality. Saim SCT35 equipped with a germanium lens that's fully multi-coated with an infrared-transmitting coating. The raw infrared light that reaches the sensor is as pure as possible, and generates a very clean image.

Next: electronic image quality. The camera produces 384x288 resolution heat map from sensor, that's displayed on a 1280x960 LCOS screen, so you get a great image that you can work with, and will hold up to years of use. Both size of sensor resolution and display screen are top ranked among thermal scopes alike.

The display can be set to one of 4 color modes to help with target acquisition in different environments. There are also four levels of contrast to adjust and reduce eye fatigue during long stints behind your scope.

Sticking with the topic of visuals, the Saim SCT35 has a 2.85x optical magnification, supplemented by digital zoom settings of 1x, 2x, and 4x.

Between these two features, you can really fine tune your magnification. What's more, the reticle maintains its proportion at different zoom settings, so you never need to adjust your zero for different magnifications. There are eight types of reticles and series of reticle colors to choose from in SCT35.

Moving on to battery life: the Saim SCT35 is powered by two CR123 batteries, which isn't tremendously common, but offers exceptional battery life. The SCT35 can operate for up to 3.5 hours. You scope will run at least until you’re too tired to stay up any longer.

The Saim SCT35 isn't the lightest thermal scope on the market, but it’s close. It weighs in at 0.9 pounds, which is plenty light enough that you won’t struggle to bring it with you on treks into the woods.

For video capabilities, the SCT35 comes with native video output that can be routed to an external storage device. It also has a 16GB SD card, function as most digital camera, to store videos and pictures. To make video recording easy, the Saim SCT35 can be controlled remotely via WiFi. There is App for connecting with the scope, then record videos and take photos. So you can use it as a trail camera or surveillance device as well.

All things considered, the clear lens and image, solid build quality, decent battery life, the SCT35 is the best thermal scope for the money in this price range. Hunters and tactical specialists will find that this scope does everything they need and more without breaking the bank.

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