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Thermal Vision for Hunting 2020 Highlights-InfiRay

Thermal Vision for Hunting 2020 Highlights-InfiRay

Feb 20,2021

Thermal Vision for Hunting 2020 Highlights-Optics Info

InfiRay on the ranking list

Optics-info.com is the official blog of Optics-trade.eu. On this blog, several experienced authors write articles from the field of sports optics (binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, night vision optics, thermal imaging optics, etc.)

On their recent article or products presentation review about different thermal products, we are appreciated that we have products on their ranking.

InfiRay Clip C

Great device that made this year a bit better is the Infiray Clip C, a great thermal imaging attachment with an even better 12um sensor. The Clip series has always been designed as attachments for any type of the standard day scope but 2020 provided us with a thermal attachment designed to effectively detect objects in extreme darkness regardless of other factors like fog, dust or mist due to its built-in ultra-clear mode.

InfiRay Finder LRF

The arrival of the InfiRay Finder LRF monocular is a huge success in 2020. This device also falls under the upper midrange part of their selection, as it is extremely small and lightweight, which always plays at an advantage, especially when hunting for several hours. This truly compact, combined thermal and laser rangefinder creates quite a competition in the global thermal markets.

InfiRay Clip T

Speaking of great devices for low prices, or high cost-effective thermal attachments, the InfiRay Clip T Series is one of the most compact and cheapest thermal imaging attachments for riflescopes on the market, as it costs only around under 2000 €. It is extremely lightweight and small, which is great if you do not wish to carry extra weight around. InfiRay was at an all-time high this year, with people loving their affordable but high-quality products.

Excerpted from the original article: https://optics-info.com/thermal-vision-for-hunting-2020-highlight/

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