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Finder II Series—Full-featured Monocular, born for Precise Outdoor Observation

Finder II Series—Full-featured Monocular, born for Precise Outdoor Observation


“From all the spotters that I used here in my store, is the FH25R my personal favorite for 2 years now. The image is excellent. Very good details. And because of the size, it fits easily in your pocket...” — said Rinus van Wezep, a business owner of a hunting and outdoor company from the Netherlands.

Finder 25R is InfiRay's first thermal monocular featuring with laser rangefinder (LRF) function. It is favored by users because of its clear image quality and compact size. Now the Finder family ushered in the second generation of new products-Finder FL35R & FH35R. If you are a hunter who is looking for a monocular with a laser ranging function, then you can look at the InfiRay Finder family. Including the objective lens from 25mm to 35mm, compact size with full featured functions, Finder Family series are the ones you should not miss.

So, what are the improvements of the Finder II Series - FL35R & FH35R?

Firstly, the display is upgraded to OLED, while lowest NETD≤35mK. While Finder II Series retains 384x288 and 640x512 pixel pitch two sensors for users to choose from, cooperating with F35/1.0mm fine-workmanship objective lens and 1024x768 resolution OLED ensure prefer detail recognition capability and output clear thermal imaging with multilayer contrast quality.

Especially our FH35R, The smallest temperature differences can be precisely detected by 12μm thermal detector featuring NETD≤35mK, at the same time, with the help of ultra-clear mode, during rainfall, fog or other inclement weather conditions which hinder thermals from forming clear imaging.

For a better visual experience, Finder II supports the switching of cold and warm hues of the image. With the cold hue setting, the users can experience visually clearer imaging quality with rich details, highlight targets. With the warm hue setting, the users can get softer imaging to avoid visual fatigue brought by a long time viewing.

Secondly, the longer precise LRF distance has been achieved.

Hunters regard laser ranging as a helpful function, they hope it can be accurate and realize as long-distance as it can. Considering the needs of users, the LRF distance of Finder II has been improved. Finder II Series has a built-in laser ranging module, which provides both single ranging and continuous ranging that can capture and display target distance quickly and accurately. With an accuracy of±1m within 800m, accurate evaluation of distance and terrain is quick and easy.

Thirdly, in addition to the improvement of LRF, the detection range has also been upgraded to 1818 meters.The 35mm objective lens in combination with advanced thermal imaging hardware provides exceptional detection. Within a range of 1818 meters in the complete dark, a target (1.8x0.5 meters) can be detected by FL35R & FH35R. Finder II pursues the further distance, the more exploration.

Fourthly, the battery of Finder II is upgraded to a replaceable battery pack. Long-time outdoor hunting requires a long lifetime of the battery. Based on user feedback, Finder II Series adopt a replaceable battery pack to extend outdoor use time. Besides, the batteries can be quickly removed and replaced with new ones in a matter of seconds. With a standard additional changeable Li-ion battery pack, the operating time of the Finder II Series is up to 12 hours.

Other features are also manifested in:

  • Larger Storage 32GB & 6 Color Palettes

The Finder II Series is equipped with 32GB of digital storage video and photos to record unforgettable moments.

The Finder II Series includes 6 color palettes: white hot, black hot, red hot, ironbow, rainbow and target highlight for different hunting environments and personal habits.

Among which, the target highlight is InfiRay's special thermal imaging palette which is designed to highlight the target in white to "frame" the prey in the field of vision of hunters. This setting is most useful on high humidity nights or when viewing the horizon. What’s more, except for the standard five palettes, Finder series have added the rainbow palette, which can provide more viewing choices for the users.

( InfiRay Finder series rainbow color palette)

  • WiFi Connection & App Supported

The Finder II Series and the InfiRay Outdoor app operate hand-in-hand, easily handling frame sync and data output. The app offers additional features such as access to the online InfiRay community and after-sales support.

Besides the features above users also could put practical options such as picture-in-picture (PIP), accelerometer, digital compass, etc. “It may be small but it packs a big punch.” This evaluation is an accurate description of Finder Series.

One of our users, Mark Brannan, who is from the UK once commented on Finder 25R, "The more I use this little gem the more I don' t want to put it down. The technology packed into this tiny little unit is beyond belief." This may be the best praise of the Finder Series. We believe that Finder Series will also become your favorite monocular with precise laser ranging.

So If you are interested in Finder II, please click and visit our website to get more about our newest thermal imaging monocular:


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