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InfiRay Tips: color palettes VS thermal hunting

InfiRay Tips: color palettes VS thermal hunting


When key factors deserved to search on the internet or suggestion requirement from local dealer before hunting season's budget for newest thermal units, color palettes should be one of it when you're prefer staking the preys in the forest or somewhere the environment is complicated. So curious about how these color palettes could be used rightly for different scenes? Our blog will give more helpful guidelines refer to knowledge about these thermal color palettes and detailed operation tips for realistic hunting scenes.

The thermal imaging is mostly divided into black-white and color. Black-white hot is preferred in the most application scenarios including the hunting fields, InfiRay outdoor has fully considered the needs of personal preferences and using environments, provide a range of palettes for to better improve user's hunting experience. So do you know that InfiRay has developed a special color palette-hot target highlight? If not, let's see through this blog!

Hot Target Highlight

This is InfiRay's special thermal imaging palette and it has fully shown InfiRay's ergonomic considerations to user's actual needs in thermal hunting besides of other normal color palettes designed for hunting scenes. Hot target highlight palette is designed to apply the special internal electrical processes which can lead background of thermal imaging to turn into dark colors, and the target is highlighted in white to "frame" the prey in the field of vision of hunters. This setting is most useful on high humidity nights or when viewing the horizon.

White Hot

This is most commonly used for hunters when they get into their work. Better to classify the imaging and reticle colors and keep precise shooting accuracy when your reticle turns red or other color is the most advantages brought by this palette. It displays the higher temperature target in white and a lower temperature background in black, which provides users with great operational privilege. The contrast is more obvious, and it is easier to find the targets.

Black Hot

Black hot is the opposite compared to white hot. It displays warmer objects as black and colder objects as white. It may be difficult for hunters to distinguish subtle temperature differences in the white hot palettes under the environment which has whole high temperature especially in the complete darkness to search for targets. Under the black hot the heat spots are easier to highlight come out. The details missed in the white hot can be compensated in the black hot. In addition, the thermal imaging colors are generally grayscale so the hunters could be more focused without being attracted by other colors.

Red Hot

Red hot is a point red imaging, which is generally used to scan the field to determine and discover the targets, especially in places with dense vegetation when the animal's fur and the surrounding like vegetation are very similar colors. When hunting in the forest or tall grass, it is difficult to find the prey due to the cover of the surrounding plants. Red hot palette can "paint" the hottest part on the thermal imaging, and the thermal image is distributed in dots, so that the target can be captured faster.


The color palette plays significant roles in preventing danger during the hunting. Wild hunting often encounters complex terrain conditions. Users can detect precisely the road conditions and ambient temperature variation according to the color palette provided by thermal imaging, thereby it's able to ensure safety to a certain extent. What's more, observing targets with color palettes also bring a certain degree of playability and viewing.

In summary, different hunting scenes need to a perfect match of different color modes and user's preference. The white-black hot is the first choice for detecting weaker thermal imaging differences, red hot is more suitable for hunting grounds with vegetation cover; the color palette can not only warn the environment conditions ahead, but also have playability; more importantly, hot target highlight developed by InfiRay can easily emphasizes the targets, and the observation experience for users is excellent and ultimate.

If you want to further know more about our products with color palettes, welcome to our website: https://www.infirayoutdoor.com

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