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  • Better Sensor, Clearer Imaging  Meet InfiRay Thermal Imaging Monocular-EYE II V3

    Are you the ones who emphasize a lot on imaging quality? Are you still looking for the monocular with clear imaging as your adventure helper? To meet our newest thermal imaging monocular EYE II V3 (E6+V3&E6PROV3) whose imaging quality has come to a new level with excellent performance 12um 640 resolution thermal imaging sensor featuringNETD ≤25mK (@25 °C, F#=1.0) and richly contrast 1024*768 resolutions OLED integrated display.Better sensor, clearer imaging! Like Shirley Jackson said:“You never know what you are going to want until you see it clearly.” Better sensor, clearer imaging 12um thermal imaging sensor with 640*512 resolutions: both E6+V3 and E6Pro V3 carry on with the same sensor pixel size and resolution as their brothers in EYE II version 2.0, adopting 12um thermal sensors in our outdoor thermal solution is already the mainstream of InfiRay’s value for outdoor thermals, it will bring more privileges on budgets and costs to end customers also allows users to experience more enjoyments and conveniences produced by industry-leading technology. NETD ≤25mk (@25 °C, F#=1.0): another great optimization for users who are looking through the series is more ultimate thermal sensitivity they have, Sensor NETD ≤25Mk(@ 25 °C, F#=1.0), as known for thermal goers, single reduction of sensor NETD value denotes more sensitivity laying on heating resources. Multilayer on detail levels from different targets will improve the thermal imaging details and recognition from the user’s bolt eye. That’s critical for thermal imaging clarity. Richly contrast OLED display: without display you can’t view what you want. Richly contrast integrated OLED display featuring 1024*768 resolutions will show you with the visible strong color rendering, wealth of contrast on thermal detail levels, higher response rate to imaging processing. Lighter and more colorful. Further, explore more Benefiting from the smaller 12um-pixel size of thermal sensors, combining the excellent performance thermal lens (E6+V3:35mm & E6Pro V3: 50mm), optimized field of view (FOV), these two models can reach ultra-long detection range which helps users see further, explore more. With E6 Pro V3 longest detection range of up to 2600meters can be realized for those who prefer long-range viewing function. Hue Selections To better meet the users’ different demands of visual experience, the products supply two hue selections for users: C(cool) hue and W(warm) hue. Under cool hue, users can experience visually clearer imaging quality with rich details, highlight targets. Under warm hue, the users can get softer imaging avoiding visual fatigue brought by long time viewing. Lighter, easier From the external and internal side, infiRay contributes whole efforts to exquisite design combining high-performance thermal sensors with smaller size, lighter and better display technology and other perfect parts into the ergonomic construction housing. The average≤500g of tiny wei...

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  • InfiRay Shows: To Be Ever Clearer Video Collection Sharing

    To be ever clearer is what infiRay always pursues. Through the world-leading thermal sensor technologies and the continuous optimizing of the software algorithms, infiRay has won the recognition of the users in the clear imaging of its devices. During the clear imaging collection event which infiRay held days ago in the Facebook, we have received the favorable comments from our users, “I’ve use a lot of thermal over the yrs but is is the best picture quality I’ve seen to date”, says Mark Brannan, when first time out with our TL35,Rinus van Wezep commented “this unit is really the hammer, what a image quality, easy to use in the dark. not too much confusing knobs. this unit is built with perfection”, under the bad conditions, Andrew Vince told us “Terrible conditions but still working superbly.”, etc All those comments from our users will be our great power to be better and better to bring more devices with much clearer imaging. Most importantly, we have collected more than 60 clearing imaging videos from 11 countries, all of which were taken with infiRay devices and were the results of clear imaging quality what InfiRay outdoor thermals could have and bring. Let’s enjoy the “clearest thermal imaging video collection” which we selected as the representatives; Hope you will like it. Never stop, we will be ever clearer. So please get ready for our new launches, maybe they can give you much clearer imaging beyond your expectation! Pls visit our website and check for more: https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/

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  • InfiRay CH50 Series – high end all-round thermal attachments for versatile day optics

    If you are people who are bound up in professional enthusiastic hunting with your favorite day optics, and also don’t want to skip the enjoyments brought by thermals, you'll never miss our newest launch of CH50 series! New members Clip C CH50 series are multifunctional thermal attachments equipped with high-performance InfiRay 12um thermal detectors, technical superiority in clear thermal imaging is so obvious. Like other thermal clips from InfiRay, No Re-Zeroning is needed, just clamp and shot - Now expanding your hunting gear with our CH50 series! High and clear image quality The 12um 640*512 resolution Vox thermal detector featuring NETD≤40mk from InfiRay is ready for both CH50 V1 and CH50V2, cooperating with F1.1/50mm fine-workmanship objective lens ensures prefer detail recognition capability and output clear thermal imaging with multilayer contrast quality. The smallest temperature differences can be precisely detected by them during rainfall, fog or other inclement weather conditions which hinder thermals from forming clear imaging. Integrated Ultra-Clear Mode The proprietary thermal imaging technology of InfiRay is comprised of high performance software algorithms which contribute to excellent imaging processing under disadvantageous weathers such as heavy fog and rain. Combining with exquisite 12um core, F1.1 objective lens it results in a more sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities under the Ultra-clear Mode, brings technical superiority thermal imaging clarity and overall image detail in disadvantageous environments. Extended battery compartment The CH50 series is equipped with an extended battery compartment which means using two 16650 batteries is allowed, users can receive additional using time and the maximized battery life of CH50 series is increased up to 7h. Wireless Remote Control Wireless remote control of CH50 series can be fixed near trigger of the weapon sights which allows users to master the basic operations easily. The ergonomic Blue tooth wireless remote control designed by InfiRay Outdoor with three buttons will put the full range of CH50 operations at user's fingertips which shorten the distance from CH50 to viewer. Besides clear imaging quality and above strong points, both of them also have respective extraordinary features! Highlights of CH50V1&CH50V2: CH50V1: Application as Thermal Monocular supported Equipped with two kinds of eyepiece that can be used either as monocular or functional front thermal attachment for day optics. Operating as monocular it supports 2.9-11.6x magnification, perfectly suit basic needs for thermal monocular users. CH50V2: Embeded with upgraded 48mm focal length eyepiece As high end thermal clip on worked for day sights, the imaging quality of CH50 series is pure clear in versatile conditions. Moreover, CH50 V2 has upgraded its focal length of eyepiece to 48mm which means the actual screen resolution has been upgraded. These leads to rich ...

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  • Ratting with a InfiRay SCP 19 and Eye E3 V2 thermal scope

    Mat Manning swaps his usual infrared night vision for a thermal setup and has a busy night on the ratting I have dipped a toe, though, and I had pretty good results using an InfiRay Saim model I was sent for review last year. Therefore, I was quite excited that been asked if I would like to give theSaim SCP19 thermal imaging riflescopea try. I accepted the offer and the unit duly arrived, along with an InfiRay Eye E3 V2 thermal imaging scope. The Saim SCP19 is acompact and lightweight thermal riflescope which comes supplied with an excellent Picatinny-type quick-release gun mount. It runs on two CR123A batteries and is very straightforward to use, as you can zoom in and out, and shift through viewing options and different reticle designs without having to navigate complex menus. Image quality is impressive considering that this unit is high cost-eddecrive, which places it firmly at the affordable end of thermal optics, and I managed to get it zeroed very quickly. Moving on to the Eye E3 V2,this thermal monocularis even easier to use than the riflescope. Powered by an integral rechargeable battery, it is packed with clever features including e-compass and onboard photo and video capture, but the truth is that once you have set the ocular focus to suit your eye, you only need to use the main front focus dial to keep the image sharp once you’re up and running. It has a zoom feature, which is handy, and there's a choice of colour schemes, but the thing I liked best was its small size (it's only about 18cm long), which meant that I was able to stow it in a jacket pocket. One of the farms where I shoot is suffering a late influx of rats; a situation that would enable me to put the new kit to the test while doing the farmer a favour. There appeared to be a rat run along a concrete wall that would serve as a safe backstop, and I could also cover some burrows along a bank, which would also stop any pellets in their tracks. I expected shots to come at between 10m and 20m; very comfortable ranges for ratting and what I expected to be easy shooting from a sitting position with the gun supported on Trigger Sticks. Thermal night vision scopes is capable of working whether it is dark or not, and I was soon looking at the rodent's heat signature through the Saim SCP19. I favour the Red Hot viewing mode as the crimson glow of hot areas really stands out. In this case the hotspot was the rat’s head, and the crosshairs quickly came to rest on the mark. I touched off the Weihrauch's trigger and the unsuspecting rat flopped over with barely a twitch. After spotting more rats through the thermal monocular, I moved just a few metres to get a better angle on the main area of activity and managed to account for about 25 rats over the next couple of hours. My main tactic was to use the spotter on its 1x setting as the wide field of view enabled me to scan very thoroughly. After locating rats through the Eye E3 V2, I would then take advantage of the magnified sight pi...

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  • The Cabin from InfiRay – New Entry-level Thermal Imaging Monocular

    If you’re looking for a fully featured thermal imaging monocular that won’t break the bank, the Cabin Series from InfiRay Outdoor is the perfect choice. It’s compact size, powerful functions and amazing image features set a new standard in entry-level thermal tech. Powerful Core, HD Images The Cabin Series uses Infiray's powerful 12μm detector core, enabling greater detection in low light. The 1280x960 HD display captures vivid detail at a smooth 50 Hz frame rate. The Cabin incorporates InfiRay’s Ultra-Clear function, previously only available in higher specification models, offering superior imaging clarity, richer detail and improved target acquisition in rain, snow and fog. Smart Functions, Easy-To-Use Easy-to-use, smart functions are hardwired into the Cabin. Fine-tuned motion sensors and the electronic compass accurately identify angle and inclination, and the stadia-metric rangefinder handles the target height and position. Additionally, the Cabin can capture every second in the field with 16GB internal storage providing capacity for 24 hours of video or approximately 20,000 images. WiFi mode allows up to 4 simultaneous connections. Superior Tools, Born For the Outdoors Besides its smart functions, The Cabin is equipped with a long-life 3100 mAh quick-release battery pack, which can be quickly loaded in a few seconds, with a battery life of 7.5 hours. Coupled with a spare battery pack and desktop charger, you’ll never run out of power again. The Cabin also incorporates a unique quick-focusing knob, for rapid fingertip control. Adjustable LED light offers illumination up to 50 metres, improving visibility at night. To find out more, please visit our website: https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/thermal-imaging-scope-cabin-series_p60.html

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  • Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off!

    Do you like and support InfiRay brand and products? Are you the one who are active in social platforms, online and offline communities? Are you good at content creation and are willing to share your review feelings with others? If your answers are “Yes”, Congratulations! You are probably the right Mr./Ms.InfiRay we are looking for! Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment is an exclusive yearly renewable campaign for avid thermal hunters, outdoor content creators for thermal, and other experts& professions for thermal imaging products who will act as ambassadors for the InfiRay brand. What We Need to Know About the Recruitment Campaign. What Mr./Ms.InfiRay will do: Review InfiRay products, and share your review through your own social media platform or your hunting community; Act as the bridge between our customers and the brand; Carry out brand campaigns with InfiRay Outdoor together. What can Mr./Ms. InfiRay benefit? Review InfiRay Outdoor devices, and have the opportunity to review the newest devices; A set of InfiRay exclusive 2021 souvenir; Enjoy 30% discounts for two InfiRay outdoor devices; The opportunity to get rewards for InfiRayLimited Edition RICO/E6 PRO thermal imaging scopes. What’s more for becoming Mr./Ms.InfiRay? If you are selected as Mr./Ms.InfiRay, during the coming year, as long as you create more qualified contents, you will be outstanding and be awarded: InfiRay Limited Edition Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope RICO/Thermal Imaging Scope E6 PRO InfiRay VIP after-sales service In the second year, priority will be given to become Mr./Ms.InfiRay Terms & Conditions: At least 18 years of age; Legally allowed to own firearms; No felony convictions; No hunting/fishing/game violations. InfiRay reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove. When to hold this campaign? The Recruitment Period: May 28th, 2021 -July 28th, 2021 The Selection Period: July 29th, 2021-August 10th, 2021 Mr/Ms.infiRay Competition Period: September 1th, 2021-August 1th, 2022 Mr./Ms. InfiRay will be announced on August 10th, 2021. How I Can Apply For Becoming Mr./Ms.InfiRay How to participate in this campaign? Just 4 steps! Step 1: To check whetheryou are qualified and willing to becomeMr/Ms.InfiRay; Step 2: To click“Registration Now”in the official website; Step 3: Fill in the registration form and submit; Step 4: On July 28th, informed to be Mr/Ms.infiRay by infiRay Outdoor if you are selected. Are you ready? Click the following channel link and fill in the registration form right now! https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/exhibition-activities_d14

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