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Mr./Ms.InfiRay Registration Information Form

Welcome, our Pr-Mr./Ms.InfiRay!
InfiRay is a brand dedicated on the outdoor segment who has the state-of-the-art sensors technologies, providing you the devices with ever clearer, more reliable, and better experience are what we are pursuing. Join us and become one member of infiRay family! We are waiting for you!
Fillin the form below carefully and guarantee the truthfulness and validity of the content. Your content will be kept confidential.

1. Please fill in the basic information:

2. Do you know about thermal imaging products?


3. Do you know about infiRay brand?


4. Do you own or did you ever use infiRay brand outdoor products? Please state the model of infiRay outdoor products you own or have used.

5.About hunting:

(1) How often do you hunt?

Not less than 1 time per week
Not less than 1 time per month
Not less than 1 time per quarter
Not less than 1 time per year

(2) What equipment do you mainly use for hunting?

(3) Do you hunt mainly during the day or at night?


6.About social media:

(1) Do you have your own account on Facebook, Ins, Youtube?


If yes, please provide us the following information:

(2) Please list the hunting/thermal imaging group that you often participated and attach screenshots of your most influential comments/ posts in the community/forum.

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(3) Have you published any review articles in the media?


If yes, please share with us the name of the media

6. Why do you think you can be Mr./Ms.InfiRay?

7. Are you willing to cooperate with infiRay to carry out brand activities in the local area, such as live streaming or video record?


8.Please attach your personal photo, preferably a photo taken during hunting.

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