Thermometry Camera Series

Thermometry Camera Series

Thermometry Camera Series

Xviewis a pocket-size handheld thermal imaging camera which is embedded with 12μm strong thermal sensor, compactbut powerful-. Excellent thermal imagingperformance, easy operation for temperature measurement, Xview will bring high-level technical superiority into your colorful life.

Main specifications:

Resolution: 256 x 192

Pixel Size:12μm

Focal length: 6.8mm/9.0mm

Application scenarios: Night patrols, plumbing/electrical/heating repairs, house leak checks, emergency rescue, animal research.


8Exceptional performances

●12 μmthermal sensor with 256 x 192 resolution;

● Large 3-inch LCD display;

● 25Hzhigh frame rate, capable of motion capture;

● Accurate temperature measurement range: 400℃±3℃;

● <200G light weight,compactandportable;

● High/low temperature spotsautomatic tracking;

● Multi-device image transfer and sharing via Wi-Fi.


High resolution and frame rate offer clear and smooth imaging

● 256 x 192 detector resolution provides ultimate clarity that you can classify your hair fromimages;

● 25Hz frame rate guarantees smooth imaging output;

● Various color palettes offer customized display options for different application scenes.

High-level Germanium lens for wide and versatile applications

● Professional testing for instruments/meters/circuits, etc;

● Security, night patrols, search and rescue(SAR), industrial equipment testing.

Professional accurate temperature measurement

● Connected with special APP, the Xview can offer point-line-planetemperature measurements;

● NETD≤60mK with ±3℃ measuring accuracy;

● -20℃~120℃ wide measuring range;

● Xview offers temperature correction parameters toensure more accurate measuring.

  • Product Parameters Comparison
  • ModelXview-V2 Xview-Search
    NETD<60mk <50mk
    Frame Frequency25fps
    FOV25.5°×19.2° 19.6°×14.7°
    Lens6.8mm 9.0mm
    Image CorrectionAuto
    Palette8 palettes (White-hot/Black-hot/Iron-Red etc.)
    Measuring range-20℃ to + 120 ℃ (Extend range to +400℃) -10℃ to + 80 ℃
    Accuracy±3℃ or 3% of measuring range (3% in extend mode) ±3℃ or 3% of measuring range
    Point MDeasurementMaximum, Minimum, Center
    EmissivityVaries between 0.0 to 1.0
    RangeDefault, can set manually
    Environment TemperatureDefault, can set manually
    Image Stream
    Stream FormatUVC:YUYV WIFI:RTSP
    Imaging Saving
    Storage MediumInternal memory (Flash), optional internal TF card, maximum 64 GB
    File FormatJPEG、MP4
    Environment Parameter
    Operation Temperature-10℃ to +50℃
    Storage Temperature-30℃ to +70℃
    Humidity≤95% None-condensable
    Physical Parameter

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