Thermal Imaging Scopes

Q1:I'm using a.308 caliber. Can you use this scope? (Point of Impact resistance)

A1:Hello, all scope series products, the maximum supported bullet caliber: 0.375h&h Magnum, about 6000J energy.


Q2:How does it fit on a gun? Is the leather rail supported?

A2:Hello, sight scope series products, packaging with leather rail accessories, installation reference manual.

For complete product manual or quick start guide, please overview and download here.


Q3:Is there a reticle for sight scopes? What the styles?    

A3:Hello, Saim,Holo,Rico,Tube, each series products have reticle options, you can see the reticle definition for details.

For available detailed reticle descriptions, please overview and download here.


Q4:What is the maximum observation distance or detection range?

A4:Hello, the observation distance varies according to the product models, thermal vision or night visions. For details, please see the parameter table on the product introduction page here.


Q5:Can I just borrow or review the product and see if it fits on my gun, then consider if I should buy?

A5:Hello, you are advised to contact the local InfiRay distributors for the information and service.

You can send your dealer or distributor request information here.


Q6:What if I can't get precise shooting outside with the product?

A6:Hello, it is recommended that you shall install, debug, and calibrate the devices by steps according to the manual instructions. If you are not sure whether the procedure is correct, please contact your distributor or your product supplier for professional technical guidance.


Q7: My picture appears double shadow, how to deal with the case?

A7: Hello, please close the lens cap and use background correction function.

You can find all manuals of InfiRay Outdoor products here.


Q8: Why is the imaging quality worse under low working temperatures than normal working temperatures?

A8: Under the temperature condition above zero, the observed object (environment and background) will heat up differently due to different thermal conductivity, resulting in high temperature contrast, so the image quality will be crisper. At lower temperatures, the object being observed (the background) is usually cooled to roughly the same temperature due to a greatly reduced temperature contrast and poor image quality (detail).


Q9: I can't find reticles on my sight scopes?

A9: Hello, please follow these steps and instructions to unlock reticles:

-For Rico series: 

Hold down E-zoom + Menu + Camera buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, the shutter calibrates once, reticle and its relevant options unlocked.

-For Tube (Bolt) series: 

Hold down Palette + Brightness buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to unlock reticle and its relevant options.

 -For Saim series:

-For Geni series:

-For Holo series: 

push joystick in following directions, leave one second interval:

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