Thermal Imaging Monocular

Q1:What is the maximum visual range or detection range of the scopes or spotters, and how far can they allow me to see?

A1Hello, the observation distance varies according to the product models,. For details, please see the parameter table on the product introduction page here.


Q2:Can I see the birds in the trees with the scopes?

A2Yes, the thermal monocular's target highlighting mode (one of the color palettes) is better for bird observing.


Q3:Can it be used in bad weather, such as sand, clouds, rain, and snow?

A3Thermal imaging devices work by detecting temperature differences and mapping objects to create thermal images on a screen. They can typically be used in adverse weather conditions, although their effectiveness may depend on the severity of the conditions.


Q4:How much can I enlarge or zoom in on the picture?

A4The magnification of the objective lens is typically shown in the product specifications table, and the digital magnification is usually 4 times the magnification of the objective lens.


Q5:Do thermal scopes have flashlight and laser?

A5The Eye/Eye II/Cabin series of thermal scopes have flashlight and laser functions, but due to various country-specific laws, the laser function may be removed in some national versions. It's recommended to consult with the distributor or reseller for more information.

You can send your dealer or distributor request information here.


Q6: Will the scope break if it accidentally falls?

A6Our products are designed to prevent falling during the manufacturing process. However, it's recommended to take extra precautions to prevent accidental falls during use by using the neck strap and other anti-fall measures.


Q7:Can the lasers in scopes harm the human body?

A7: The lasers produced by our scopes are safe for human eyes and do not have any adverse effects on human skin, etc. However, it's still recommended to avoid pointing the laser directly at the human body, especially the eyes.


Q8:If my scope or monocular does not have sufficient battery while outdoors, what should I do?

A8:Hello, all InfiRay Outdoor thermal monoculars or scopes support a battery life of at least up to 4 hours, for some models they supports up to 10 hours of working time. Besides of that, you can bring more exchangeable power bank or spare battery with yourself.


Q9: I can't turn on WIFI. What should I do?

A9: Hello, the power saving mode may be turned on. WIFI cannot be turned on in power saving mode. Please turn off the power saving mode before enabling the WIFI.


Q10: How can I turn on the laser function in Finder/Eye I/Eye II/Cabin series products?

A10: Please follow these steps to unlock the laser function in your device. Please note that some versions of the monoculars may not have laser function (the reasons for this can be found in Q5 and A5).

For Finder series:

Hold down Up + Menu + Down buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

For Eye I series:

Hold down Palette + E-zoom + Brightness/Camera buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

For Eye II series:

Hold down Palette + E-zoom + Camera buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

For Cabin series:

Hold down Up + Menu + Down buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Q11: How to set the time for the EYE II series?

A11: Connect the device to the APP via WIFI and the time is automatically synchronized to the device.

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