InfiRay Outdoor APP

Q1:Where can I download the App? And IOS can use?

A1:Hello Please download it from the following address InfiRay Outdoor App:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infiray.outdoor.wifiapp

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1516239264

For more APP information please click here to overview.


Q2:App functions?

A2:Hello, App can read pictures and video files saved in the machine, and can take photos and record videos in real time. In addition, it also has the function of updating firmware, modifying the time of video files, and modifying the WIFI password.

For more APP information please click here to overview.


Q3:Can I use this App for Mini series?

A3:Hello, the Mini and Clip series use the following apps, requiring Bluetooth connection:




Q4:The App password and the WIFI password?

A4Hello, the default password is 12345678.


Q5:I have connected the WIFI of the App, why can't my phone access the Internet?

A5:Hello, the product uses WIFI function to transmit data, and does not have the function of connecting to the Internet.


Q6:Can I download pictures and videos from the device to the computer via the APP?

A6:Hello, the APP can download pictures and videos from the device to Android and iOS smartphones or tablets, but not for Windows computers.


Q7:Does the APP need to pay fees?

A7:Hello, no, the APP of IOS or Android is free to download and use.


Q8:Which versions of the system does the APP apply to?

A8:Hello, for Android 6.0 or above,for IOS 9.0 or above.


Q9: How to change device WIFI name and password for the APP?

A9: Hello, please select Shoot, and then open the Settings icon in the upper right corner, the interface of changing WIFI name and page will appear, as shown in the picture:


Q10: How to upgrade firmware with Infirayoutdoor app?

A10:  Hello, please follow the steps:

First turn on the WIFI signal of the device, connect to the WIFI of the device with your mobile phone, then open Infirayoutdoor APP and check My Device information. After this please exit the interface, disconnect the WIFI and connect to the Internet. Select Check Device Upgrade. If the available firmware appears, download the firmware (if there is no available firmware, it means there is no updatable firmware for the time being), and then turn on the WIFI of the device to connect the device, so the App will automatically upgrade the product.


Q11: Whether the data in the APP can be uploaded to the computer for saving?

A11: Hello, you can download photos and videos from the product's memory space to your phone.


Q12: Is this APP available to all InfiRay devices?

A12: Hello InfiRay Outdoor is available on WIFI -enabled devices. For the product information you can overview here or consult your distributor or reseller.

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