Thermal Imaging Attachments

Q1:Does it fit a 50mm scope? What size scopes are suitable?

A1Hello, we offer adapter rings with 40-45mm and 50-55mm calibers as accessories. For specific recommendations, please consult with your local InfiRay distributor.

You can send a request for information to your dealer or distributor here.


Q2:Is there an adapter ring in the package? Or still need to buy separately?

A2:Hello, the adapter rings need to be purchased separately, we provide 40-45mm and 50-55mm caliber adapter rings.


Q3:Why the remote Bluetooth controller in the package does not work?

A3:Hello, the remote controller requires a CR2032 battery, please unscrew the four screws on the remote controller to open the remote control and install the battery.


Q4:Can the Clip series attachment scopes take photos and video? Where to keep it?

A4:Hello, the Clip series attachment scopes currently do not have the ability to take photos and video, so you cannot save these files. For CH50W(EOL), you can connect to the InfiRay Outdoor app to view live video and take photos, and media files all saved in the smartphone.


Q5:Do I need to re-calibrate the gun after Clip installation?

A5:Hello, there is no need to re-calibrate the same gun and you can use the reticle of the scope to aim.


Q6:Can I just borrow or review the product and see if it fits on my gun, then consider if I should buy?

A6:Hello, you are advised to contact the local InfiRay distributors for the information and service.

You can send your dealer or distributor request information here.


Q7:Hello, after installing the Clip and calibrating the gun, I will remove the Clip and reinstall it. Do you need to re-calibrate the gun again?



Q8:After the Clip is installed with the day scope, I will change the day scope to another gun, do I need to calibrate the gun again?

A8:Hello, the gun needs to be readjusted. Just like the day scope is mounted on another gun, it needs to be recalibrated.


Q9. Why does the reticle move after shooting?

A9: Hello, the sight or fixture may not be not securely installed, please readjust the sight and fixture.


Q10: What should I do if the screen image is not in the center?

A10: Hello, please turn on the gun calibration function and move the screen to the center.


Q11: Why is the image blurry when the interface icon is clear?

A11: Hello, the lens is out of focus or there is dust or ice on the internal and external optical surfaces of the lens.


Q12: Can I buy the devices batteries from InfiRay (such as 18650/18500, etc.)?

A12: Hello, please contact the local InfiRay distributor or retailer for product accessories information.

You can send your dealer or distributor request information here.

If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.