This page and topics related are about the information privacy policy of InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd. InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd. and its affiliates respect your privacy. We will place serious and conscious explanations and informed notices here, allow every user who is entering the web pages to better acknowledge the privacy policy and protect your online privacy within and according to the generic International Information protection legislation.

Users can use the websites without registering or giving any personal identification information. We only collect identifiable personal information that is voluntarily provided by a user who entered and intent to visit the pages further. A visitor may be involved to become a user and provide identification information for browsing goods or services of the sites, placing a consultation of the desirable products, being informed, or to apply to become a distributor or dealer of InfiRay. When a visitor provides identifiable information of this type above to us, we use it solely for the purposes for which it was provided and secure your information as required by the law.

InfiRay will use your personal information for the following purposes for legitimate interest, for example:

- To respond to your inquiries;

- To increase the safety of the Services, such as user authentication, security protection, fraud detection, filing and backups;

- To evaluate your application for a position;

- To proceed with any activities you subscribed on the Services;

- For internal purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and research.

These promises will be given by InfiRay:

- Will not disclose your personal information, unless with your written by the applicable laws and regulations or as required to offer the Services;

- InfiRay limits access to your personal information on a need-to-know basis, and requires its employees to respect the confidentiality of your information and protect your information by the Policy.

Here are InfiRay' s key principles of Personal Information Privacy which apply for users' internet activities:

- Where visitors choose to provide us with their name, E-mail address or other information when they permit to become customers and InfiRay keeps all such response confidential, following these principles.
- InfiRay will use your information for the purpose for which it was provided with your given allowance.
- We do not collect, process or store personal Information of infants, minors or persons without capacity to contract, unless the respective legal guardian has consented. - We do not give your personally identifiable information to advertisers.
- We will not sell or rent your private information to third parties.
- We use secure technology and privacy protection programs to keep your information safe.

Cookies Collection Notice

For better communication through the Internet InfiRay sometimes uses small text files (cookies) remembered by your browser according to its settings, so that you can browse the Web site easier in appropriate way, keep track of page views and personalize your communication with InfiRay. We implement some of these cookies through our server technology on your storage device. The use of cookies is now standard procedure for most Web sites.

If you find any uncomfortable information or unreasonable issues against your online privacy, please contact us through 

Email: [email protected]

Tech Email:  [email protected]

InfiRay Outdoor Team

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