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The idea of Thermal + is to apply the integration of daytime optics and thermal imaging to the outdoor hunting field. With the combination of two technologies, during the daytime, users can spot camouflaged animals easily, while seeing the environment as it is and keeping all the functions of a thermal imager at night.

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All in one. Pack light for adventure.

Instead of current hunting tools like daytime scope, clip-on, monocular, and thermal rifle scope to cope with various hunting environments, you only need one Thermal+ to achieve hunt from day to night. Thermal+’s "daytime optics + thermal imaging" dual-channel design supports lightweight hunting.


One-time zero. Hunting from day to night

Before hunting, you need to do zero work to ensure shooting precisely. After replacing the thermal imager at night, you will need to calibrate it again to ensure accuracy. Nulling several times affected hunting efficiency. Thermal+ has an absolute advantage in zero calibration. Re-zeroing is no longer required to hit the target. One-time zeroing saves hunting time and enhances hunting pleasure.


New AR function-Find camouflage games easily

When the target is similar in color to the surroundings, it’s difficult to find the target by using daytime optics. Or temperature difference is tiny that the target cannot be detected. Thermal+’s AR function is in response to such difficulties. When the target is hidden by the background environment, the see-through optics channel shows the normal view, while the thermal imaging channel highlights the target, helping users to discover the prey camouflaged in the background.


Choose Thermal +, experience "daytime optics + thermal imaging", waive the norm, and start an all-new adventure!

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.