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Thermometry Camera Xtherm
Xtherm Series

Thermometry Camera Xtherm

As the first smartphone attached thermal imaging camera by Infiray, Xtherm brings you a whole new camera experience. With the USB type-C interface, the Xtherm can be directly connected to smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices that support this interface. With APP or PC software, Xtherm enables real-time thermal image display and temperature statistics etc.

  • Product Details

Meet  Xtherm Series

The Xtherm Series is an ultra-portable infrared camera for smartphone that opens up smart life. With few steps, it can not only create excellent imaging effects, but also capture temperature in real time which makes it a reliable companion for outdoor observation, camping, survival in the wild and home use.

  • High Image Quality

Embedded with IRay 384 × 288 / 17μm vanadium oxide VOx detector, the Therm series provides clear images and makes searching in darkness much easier.

  • High Frame Rate

25Hz frame rate output, capable of capturing every wonderful moment during the nights.

  • Germanium Single Crystal Alloy Lens

F1.0 large aperture lens to enhance image quality.

  • Superior Temperature Measurement Accuracy

Equipped with a unique temperature measurement algorithm, and professional-level thermal analysis software, high accuracy of temperature measurement, meeting various types of temperature and thermal analysis needs.

  • Ultralow Power Consumption <500mK

Battery-free design and long endurance usage for every charge.

  • Hot Target Tracking

High/low temperature spot tracking are supported as well as any three points of temperature measurements.

  • Environmental Compensation Correction

Environmental compensation correction guarantees more accurate temperature measurement in various environments.

  • Plug-and-Play, Easy to Operate

The Therm series can connect to a smartphone or tablet with the free APP via the Type-C interface.

  • Secondary Development

SDK is provided to facilitate secondary development for customization in various industries.

Your Wise Choose With Xtherm Series


Xtherm T2S

Xtherm T3S

Xtherm T3Pro

Xtherm T2-Search

Resolution, pixels





Pixel size, μm



NETD, mk

[email protected]℃,f#1.0

[email protected]℃,f#1.0

MRTD, mk
[email protected]℃,f#1.0

Objective Lens, mm


Frame Rate, Hz

FOV(field of view), °





Digital Zoom



Operating Temp. Range


Temp. Measuring Rang


-20℃~+120℃(extended to 400℃)


Temp. Measuring Accuracy
±3℃or±3% of temperature measuring range
±2℃or±2% of temperature measuring range
±3℃ of temperature measuring range
Temp. Correction
Power Consumption, mW
< 350
Weight (with lens), g
Dimension (with lens), mm
Phone Compatibility

Android 6.0 or above*

Image Enhancement

Digital enhancement

Image Calibration

Manual/Auto(per 3 min when no manual operation)
Color Palette
White hot/Black hot/Multiple pseudo color options
SDK Develop
Temp. Statistics
Support max./min./center temp.  display, with up to three spots statistics
Reticle or max./min. temp.  display
Photo & Video
Support photos/ video storage .etc
Online Software Update

*Support the mainstream mobile phone system, part of the system untested.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.