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Thermometry Camera Xtherm
Xview Series

Thermography Tools

Xview Series

Thermometry Camera Xview Series

Thermometry Camera Xview Series

Xview is a pocket-size handheld thermal imaging camera which is embedded with 12μm strong thermal sensor, compact but powerful-. Excellent thermal imaging performance, easy operation for temperature measurement, Xview will bring high-level technical superiority into your colorful life.

Main specifications:

Resolution: 256 x 192

Pixel Size: 12μm

Focal length: 6.8mm/9.0mm

Application scenarios: Night patrols, plumbing/electrical/heating repairs, house leak checks, emergency rescue, animal research.

  • Product Details

Meet Xview Series

8 Exceptional performances

12 μm thermal sensor with 256 x 192 resolution;

● Large 3-inch LCD display;

● 25Hz high frame rate, capable of motion capture;

● Accurate temperature measurement range: 400℃±3℃;

● <200G light weight, compact and portable;

● High/low temperature spots automatic tracking;

● Multi-device image transfer and sharing via Wi-Fi.

High resolution and frame rate offer clear and smooth imaging

● 256 x 192 detector resolution provides ultimate clarity that you can classify your hair fromimages;

● 25Hz frame rate guarantees smooth imaging output;

● Various color palettes offer customized display options for different application scenes.


High-level Germanium lens for wide and versatile applications

● Professional testing for instruments/meters/circuits, etc;

● Security, night patrols, search and rescue(SAR), industrial equipment testing.

Professional accurate temperature measurement

● Connected with special APP, the Xview can offer point-line-plane temperature measurements;

● NETD≤60mK with ±3℃ measuring accuracy;

● -20℃120℃ wide measuring range;

● Xview offers temperature correction parameters to ensure more accurate measuring.

Your Wise Choices with Xview Series

Model Xview-V2       Xview-Search                
Frame Frequency
Image Correction 
8 palettes (White-hot/Black-hot/Iron-Red etc.)
Measuring range
-20℃ to + 120 ℃ (Extend range to +400℃)
-10℃ to + 80 ℃
±3℃ or 3% of measuring range (3% in extend mode)
±3℃ or 3% of measuring range
Point MDeasurement
Maximum, Minimum, Center
Varies between 0.0 to 1.0
Default, can set manually
Environment Temperature
Default, can set manually
Image Stream
Stream Format
Imaging Saving
Storage Medium
Internal memory (Flash), optional internal TF card, maximum 64 GB
File Format
Environment Parameter
Operation Temperature
-10℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature
-30℃ to +70℃
≤95% None-condensable
Physical Parameter




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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.