2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Joshua Priebbenow


2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Joshua Priebbenow

2023 Australia Mr.InfiRay Interview - Joshua Priebbenow

2023-08-11 17:54:48

Joshua Priebbenow is the Mr.InfiRay in Australia. He has over 10 years of hunting experience and is skilled in hunting foxes, coyotes, and more. Passionate about hunting, shooting, and embracing the great outdoors, Joshua Priebbenow considers himself fortunate to reside and labor on a substantial cattle property. With an innate appreciation for the intricacies of the hunt, Joshua finds joy in observing the hunting experiences of others and exploring the diverse equipment that facilitates their endeavors, constantly seeking inspiration and fresh insights.

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Below are the details of this interview:

Q1: Why do you hunt? What does HUNTING mean to you

A1: I live and work on a cattle property in central Queensland in Australia. I engage mostly in feral pest control here on our property and on others in the area when I get the chance. There are a number of different species of animals that I hunt and control that cause damage to our livestock or native wildlife. I enjoy the challenge of being able to outsmart predators such as Wild Dogs. But apart from trapping them, hunting them at night with thermal devices is the most effective way to control them. I can be set up waiting or walking around in the dark and the ability to go unnoticed by the unsuspecting animals. As well as less disturbance to livestock.


Q2: How did hunting become one of your passions?

A2: My passion for shooting started as a young boy when my father would take my brothers and I out spotlighting for foxes at night. I was also inspired by watching the videos of a man by the name of Tom Varney who would whistle up foxes and wild dogs and shoot them.

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Q3: Do you hunt at night?What do you like most about hunting at night?

A3: Yes. I do hunt at night. I prefer hunting at night over hunting during the day as the animals I hunt are more active at night and it is easier to find them.


Q4: What do you know about InfiRay Outdoor?

A4: I have looked through a few of InfiRay Outdoor thermal devices and have been very impressed by the quality of the build and the image.

Q5: How do you think InfiRay Outdoor‘s products will help you hunt at night

A5: I have been using thermal imaging devices for a number of years now but as technology improves the image quality in them improves too. My personal hand held other brand monocular is a few years old now and there are a lot of better units out there now. I like the picture clarity of the InfiRay products and how advanced they are getting, now offering dual FOV Thermal optics that allow you to scan for target species, then zoom in for ID without loosing picture clarity. This will make finding a target and getting a positive ID very fast and easy.

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You can connect with Joshua on YouTube at @Into The Night,and make sure to follow our official Facebook Page @InfiRay Outdoor and join our Facebook group for more updates and interview.


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