Happy Father’s Day·To the Unique Bond and Honoured Traditions


Happy Father’s Day·To the Unique Bond and Honoured Traditions

Happy Father’s Day·To the Unique Bond and Honoured Traditions

2023-06-18 08:29:54

Father’s Day is all about expressing love and gratitude to the old man. Deep in hearts, we know the sacrifices our fathers made and their devotion to families. It is just hard to say thank you to our fathers, even on Father’s Day. However, it is much easier to relate and open up with family members while on the drive to a duck blind or while walking a trail of crackling leaves, well away from the thousands of distractions at the house. So, why not pass down the honoured traditions of hunting and create an opportunity to strengthen the bond? 

Today we have our ambassador Dustin sharing about father & sons hunting.

About Hunting This Year:

"Being a Daddy is something I take pride in. Spending time with them is something I cherish we spend a lot of time hunting and fishing. This year was great and a lot of amazing memories of my boy's turkey and duck hunting that's what they like to hunt. This year I got to video my youngest son Trace shooting two Osceola gobblers with one shot we also called in and killed our first gobbler together with him calling for his daddy. We also shared several very successful duck hunts and fishing trips Time spent with your children is priceless the memories are forever."


First Daddy and Son Hunting

“My son started going hunting with me as an infant he killed his first deer with a crossbow at 6 I take my children because it's a way of life for us. The first thing I teach them is gun safety how to shoot and workmanship”


The Use of Thermal Product

“First time we use thermal product was in 2019 for coyotes. Thermal technology was a game changer for us.”


Happy Father's Day from the InfiRay Outdoor team! Remember to spend more time with your father, not just on the third Sunday of June.


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