2023 Poland Mr.InfiRay Interview - Siwy Myśliwy


2023 Poland Mr.InfiRay Interview - Siwy Myśliwy

2023 Poland Mr.InfiRay Interview - Siwy Myśliwy

2023-07-14 09:00:00

Siwy Myśliwy is the Mr.InfiRay in Poland, a passionate hunter who considers hunting a lifelong adventure and a way to connect with nature. “Amazing memories can charge your mental batteries after hard day at work.” When talk about what does HUNT means to himhe said. Each hunting trip provides him with unique experiences, breathtaking views, and unforgettable wildlife encounters that reenergize him after a long day of work.


Below are the details of this interview:


Q1: Why do you hunt? What does HUNTING mean to you

A1: Hunting for me is a lifetime adventure. Every hunting trip is a different adventure, the end of which you can never be sure of. Breathtaking views, lovely wildlife scenes and amazing memories can charge your mental batteries after hard day at work.

Hunting is my passion as well as nature observation. It is not only lifestyle, but also way of acquiring healthy food for my family.


Q2: How did hunting become one of your passions?

A2: My parents did not hunt, but the outdoor life was no stranger to me. Scouting, camps and trips developed in me an interest in nature.

My passion for hunting grew in me gradually through field trips with my parents and by interacting with hunting friends who, with every field trip, passed on their knowledge of animals, their behavior and the art of hunting. Originally, I hunted from a perch, but for a long time I have been passionate about stalking.

Over several years of exploring hunting, I became a selector to hunt roebucks and deer. With each passing year I managed to realize my little hunting dreams of hunting roebucks, deer, beavers, and geese. After a while I decided to start a hunting blog, which further rekindled my hunting passion. Since then, I have had many hunting adventures and the hunting world has opened up to me.


Q3: Do you hunt at nightWhat do you like most about hunting at night?

A3: Yes, in Poland we hunt wild boar and predators such as foxes and raccoons at night.

What I like most about night hunting is the accompanying excitement and difficulty. Sight is not our ally in the darkness, so our other senses are heightened.

When there is a full moon, we also have to be careful on the approach so that the game does not see us, which makes an already difficult hunt even more difficult. You have to be patient while hunting from perch, but the real fun starts when you stalk. You have to think like prey, be quiet, unnoticed, know the terrain and many other factors.

Hunting at night is also dangerous and requires extremely good target recognition and observation of the behavior of game that may present a danger to us (especially wild boar).


Q4: What do you know about InfiRay Outdoor?

A4: InfiRay Outdoor is a manufacturer of high-quality optoelectronics such as night vision and thermal imagers. These devices are highly innovative and often introduce breakthroughs in the hunting and outdoor equipment market.

I know from experience that their great advantage is also their quality and durability against the changing conditions in which they are used. Good readability and image quality, improved detection, recognition and therefore safety during hunting are further features of the InfiRay Outdoor brand.

The company itself comes from China, but contrary to the opinions circulating about Chinese equipment, the quality of the products is good, and their users enjoy their reliability.

I also like to compare different electronic products and analyze technical innovations, and here InfiRay Outdoor can often surprise you.


Q5: How do you think InfiRay Outdoors’s products will help you hunt at night

A5: Hunting at night is difficult and involves risk. Its difficulty lies primarily in finding game. Often, despite knowing where the game is staying or feeding at night, we cannot find it. With InfiRay Outdoor brand products, detection becomes considerably easier. Once the game has been found, it is time to recognize what we see. This is difficult at night, but with InfiRay Outdoor products we know what we are dealing with. Thanks to the high-quality sensors, we can also recognize the sex of the wild boar, which has a significant impact on hunting management, especially in spring, when small boars come into the world and are dependent on their mothers.

A third aspect of hunting at night is the safety of the shot being fired. With InfiRay products, the safety of hunting at night is significantly increased thanks to excellent recognition of the area and the location of objects towards which shots are particularly dangerous.

Last, but not least, is the ability to record the moment of the shot and the behavior of the game after the shot, including the direction of its escape. Thanks to the possibility of instant preview and playback of the recordings on the smartphone screen, in many cases it is possible to correctly interpret and fully view the hunting situation and to take appropriate steps in the search for game.

Originally, I hunted from a perch, but for a long time I have been passionate about stalking. You have to be patient while sitting, but the real fun starts when you stalk. You have to think like prey, be quiet, unnoticed, know the terrain and many other factors. In such a hunt, InfiRay Outdoor products definitely help.


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