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InfiRay; the global brand focused on consumer thermal imaging products.

thermal clip on rifle scope Clip C Series
Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip C Series

The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP&SHOOT. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular  with the standard delivered eyepiece in few seconds. Now expanding your  detection ability together with your day-scope.

handheld Thermal Imager Eye2 Series
Thermal Imaging Scope Eye Ⅱ Series V2.0

12μm detector, lower power consumption and multifunctional operations enhance and record the excellent moment of your outdoor activities. Lighter and longer.

thermal imaging rifle scope Rico Series
Thermal Imaging Riflescope Rico Series

The Rico series is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product. The product is featured with alterable laser rangefinder, detachable battery pack, eyepiece magnification up to 16 times, and comprehensive upgrade of software interface.

thermal imaging rifle scope Tube (BOLT in the US) Serie
Thermal Imaging Riflescope Tube Series (BOLT in the US)

The Tube series (BOLT in the US) is a cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope, which has a similar appearance with the Day riflescope. The state-of-the-art design is especially for professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.

handheld Thermal Imager Finder Series
Thermal Imaging Scope Finder Series

The Finder series products are light and easy to carry, especially suitable for one-handed operation that can be put in a pocket anytime and anywhere. The compact design and built-in laser rangerfinder makes the Finder the best choice for outdoor investigation.

handheld Thermal Imager Eye2 Series
Thermal Imaging Scope EyeⅡ Series V1.0

Wide display and multifunctional operations will enhance  and record the excellent moment of your outdoor activities. Big and Bigger.

Thermal Imaging Monocular
Thermal Imaging Scope Cabin Series

The Cabin series is a small, light, and easy to hold and operate thermal imaging monocular. The clear image, quick-release battery pack, quick focusing knob, built-in LED light and other features make it the most comfortable and easy-to-use helper for outdoor observation.

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.More

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.

The Cabin from InfiRay – New Entry-level Thermal Imaging Monocular
The Cabin from InfiRay – New Entry-level Thermal Imaging Monocular

If you’re looking for a fully featured thermal imaging monocular that won’t break the bank, the Cabin Series from InfiRay Outdoor is the perfect choice. It’s compact size, powerful functions and amazing image features set a new standard in entry-level thermal tech. Powerful Core, HD Images The Cabin Series uses Infiray's powerful 12μm detector core, enabling greater detection in low light. The 1280x960 HD display captures vivid detail at a smooth 50 Hz frame rate. The Cabin incorporates InfiRay’s Ultra-Clear function, previously only available in higher specification models, offering superior imaging clarity, richer detail and improved target acquisition in rain, snow and fog. Smart Functions, Easy-To-Use Easy-to-use, smart functions are hardwired into the Cabin. Fine-tuned motion sensors and the electronic compass accurately identify angle and inclination, and the stadia-metric rangefinder handles the target height and position. Additionally, the Cabin can capture every second in the field with 16GB internal storage providing capacity for 24 hours of video or approximately 20,000 images. WiFi mode allows up to 4 simultaneous connections. Superior Tools, Born For the Outdoors Besides its smart functions, The Cabin is equipped with a long-life 3100 mAh quick-release battery pack, which can be quickly loaded in a few seconds, with a battery life of 7.5 hours. Coupled with a spare battery pack and desktop charger, you’ll never run out of power again. The Cabin also incorporates a unique quick-focusing knob, for rapid fingertip control. Adjustable LED light offers illumination up to 50 metres, improving visibility at night. To find out more, please visit our website: https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/thermal-imaging-scope-cabin-series_p60.html

Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off!
Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off!

Do you like and support InfiRay brand and products? Are you the one who are active in social platforms, online and offline communities? Are you good at content creation and are willing to share your review feelings with others? If your answers are “Yes”, Congratulations! You are probably the right Mr./Ms.InfiRay we are looking for! Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment is an exclusive yearly renewable campaign for avid thermal hunters, outdoor content creators for thermal, and other experts& professions for thermal imaging products who will act as ambassadors for the InfiRay brand. What We Need to Know About the Recruitment Campaign. What Mr./Ms.InfiRay will do: Review InfiRay products, and share your review through your own social media platform or your hunting community; Act as the bridge between our customers and the brand; Carry out brand campaigns with InfiRay Outdoor together. What can Mr./Ms. InfiRay benefit? Review InfiRay Outdoor devices, and have the opportunity to review the newest devices; A set of InfiRay exclusive 2021 souvenir; Enjoy 70% discounts for two InfiRay outdoor devices; The opportunity to get rewards for InfiRayLimited Edition RICO/E6 PRO thermal imaging scopes. What’s more for becoming Mr./Ms.InfiRay? If you are selected as Mr./Ms.InfiRay, during the coming year, as long as you create more qualified contents, you will be outstanding and be awarded: InfiRay Limited Edition Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope RICO/Thermal Imaging Scope E6 PRO InfiRay VIP after-sales service In the second year, priority will be given to become Mr./Ms.InfiRay Terms & Conditions: At least 18 years of age; Legally allowed to own firearms; No felony convictions; No hunting/fishing/game violations. InfiRay reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove. When to hold this campaign? The Recruitment Period: May 28th, 2021 -July 28th, 2021 The Selection Period: July 29th, 2021-August 10th, 2021 Mr/Ms.infiRay Competition Period: September 1th, 2021-August 1th, 2022 Mr./Ms. InfiRay will be announced on August 10th, 2021. How I Can Apply For Becoming Mr./Ms.InfiRay How to participate in this campaign? Just 4 steps! Step 1: To check whetheryou are qualified and willing to becomeMr/Ms.InfiRay; Step 2: To click“Registration Now”in the official website; Step 3: Fill in the registration form and submit; Step 4: On July 28th, informed to be Mr/Ms.infiRay by infiRay Outdoor if you are selected. Are you ready? Click the following channel link and fill in the registration form right now! https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/exhibition-activities_d14


TO BE EVER CLEARER! PARTICIPATE IN INFIRAY CLEAREST THERMAL IMAGING VIEDEO COLLECTION EVENT TO WIN AN INFIRAY E2N V2! Providing users with clear thermal imaging quality products is the unremitting pursue of InfiRay Outdoor. We have world-leading thermal sensor technologies with highly effective Matrix III thermal algorithm, both of which have contributed to the clear imaging of InfiRay Outdoor products. In light of this we have held an event on our platforms, invite our fans&customers worldwide to attend our campaign, upload the clearest thermal imaging videos you believed taken by InfiRay’s products, take chances to be the lucky guy and win the newest InfiRay E2n V2! To enter our competition, simply do the following 1. Like & Follow the InfiRay Outdoor Facebook page and Like this post 2. Uploaded clearest thermal imaging videos you believed taken by InfiRay’s products under the comments below the events post. 3. Events starts from 26th April, ends 29th May 2021 4. One lucky winner will be randomly selected among the participants who have made qualitied video, then announced on 31th (GMT+8:00) May 2021 Tips about the campaign 1) Beside of the video, we would be glad if you can leave comments below our event post about clear thermal imaging experiences provided by InfiRay outdoor products. 2) Uploading videos with hunting scenes will be more welcomed. 3) Sharing this post in public way is not a condition of entry, but you’re more than welcome to spread the word about this amazing giveaway event and we will slot it! Terms & Conditions * All participants should be over 18 years of age * All videos uploaded by participants can be used by InfiRay for marketing promotion * This Giveaway is non-exchangeable * The video must be self-made, cannot be reproduced, or illegally use other‘s works, all legal liabilities shall be borne by participants * This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook and Instagram * Event is being conducted on Facebook and Instagram social media platform of InfiRay Outdoor * InfiRay reserves the right of final interpretation for the content hereinabove Finish your reading and can’t wait? Click the following link and just participate! FB:https://www.facebook.com/InfiRayOutdoor/photos/a.126034892491846/273948621033805/ INS:https://www.instagram.com/p/COKKIL4hDxn/ For details on the full range of InfiRay’s outdoor products go to official website: www.infirayoutdoor.com

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