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InfiRay-the global brand focused on consumer thermal imaging products in hunting and outdoor sports field.

Thermal Imaging Riflescope Tube SE

TUBE SE retains most of the highly recognized features of TUBE series in a surprisingly compact body with a lighter weight of only 720g. It also adopts a zoom ring to adjust magnification, a Bluetooth

Thermal Imaging Monocular ZOOM ZH50 V2

As the pioneer that put dual FOV into thermal optics, InfiRay has hit the market again with the upgraded dual field of view monocular-ZH50 V2. There are four reasons that we need to choose ZH50 V2: On

Red-Dot Thermal Fusion Scope

Fast is a red-dot/thermal fusion scope, combined with the red dot and thermal imaging technology. It directly integrates thermal imaging with realistic scenes to enhance users' situational awarene

Thermal+ Dual Series DP19/6×24WRG

Dual DP19/6×24WRG is the first monocular of Thermal+, which means one device has combined the functions of 3 products—daytime monocular, laser rangefinder and thermal monocular to ensure all-weathe

Thermal Imaging Monocular EYE III Series

Generating from EYE series, EYE III keeps the exceptional tech strength of EYE II, but generated for another purpose: Improve your hunting efficiency during your time using it. That is what EYE III is

CLIP NV CD35 Day and Night Front Attachment

The CLIP NV series is a digital day and night front attachment with outstanding night vision capability, featuring the 35mm professional night vision lens, excellent full 1080p ultra-low light HD sens

Thermal Imaging Monocular UNIQUE Series

UNIQUE series is a next-level professional handheld thermal imager. Equipped with a high-performance infrared sensor, full-color high-resolution HD AMOLED display and up to ×20 eyepiece, it prides it

Thermal Imaging Attachment-Mate Series

MATE creates a spot where precision meets portability. The magnesium alloy housing reduces the weight by 50% and improves the precision. MATE supports practical functions, including removable buttons,

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.


It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.

InfiRay Mate MAH50 clip-on thermal imager – Introducing the high-end model of the Mate series
2023-05-05 16:15:35

InfiRay-Outdoor, a manufacturer specializing in optoelectronic devices, has long been in the upper class of thermal imaging devices with its top models. Now it is going one better with the new Mate se

Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program
2023-03-20 00:00:00

Over the past one year, InfiRay Outdoor has flourished thanks to the hard work and commitment of our beloved Mr./Ms. InfiRays. As we strive to continually enhance our services and provide even more va

InfiRay Outdoor Brings Its State-of-the-art Products to IWA 2023
2023-03-03 17:26:43

InfiRay showcased more than 30 popular products at IWA & OUTDOORCLASSICS 2023, the World's Leading Trade Fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and security. We ar

2023-03-01 16:18:53

Three exciting new products, ZH50V2, Tube SE and Thermal+ Dual, were unveiled at InfiRay Outdoor Spring Launch Event 2023. The launch event was lived broadcast at 19:00 1st March CET TIME/ 13:00 1st M

InfiRay Outdoor Debuted Its First Dual FOV Thermal Rifle Scope and Other Premium Products at The Stage of Shot Show 2023
2023-01-19 00:00:00

InfiRay Outdoor is reaching everyone in time for Shot Show on Jan 17-20, 2023. Come to booth #75625 to experience a seamless switch with RICO RH50PRO. Stop by booth #43728 to explore the thermal+ seri

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