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InfiRay; the global brand focused on consumer thermal imaging products.

thermal imaging rifle scope Rico Series
Thermal Imaging Riflescope Rico Series

The Rico series is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product. The product is featured with alterable laser rangefinder, detachable battery pack, eyepiece magnification up to 16 times, and comprehensive upgrade of software interface.

Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip CH50 Series
Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip CH50 Series

The Clip CH50 series is designed as thermal attachments formost traditional rifle scopes. NO REZEROING is needed, just CLAMP&SHOOT!Zoom the image 2times and 4times is supported on CH50 series without affecting the aiming accuracy when mounted on the day optics. Now expanding your hunting gear together with our CH50 series!

handheld Thermal Imager Finder Series
Thermal Imaging Scope Finder FH25R&FL25RSeries

The Finder series products are light and easy to carry, especially suitable for one-handed operation that can be put in a pocket anytime and anywhere. The compact design and built-in laser rangerfinder makes the Finder the best choice for outdoor investigation.

Thermal Imaging Scope EyeⅡ Series V3.0
Thermal Imaging Scope EyeⅡ Series V3.0

EyeⅡSeries V3 is a powerful, compact and cost-effective thermal imaging monocular which adopts a 12μm 640*512 resolution thermal sensor with sensorNETD≤25mK ( @25°C,F#=1.0)and a high contrast HD OLED display, within innovative improvement in thermal imaging quality and multifunctional features, brings you great technical superiority and experience in thermal imaging. Better Sensor, clearer imaging!

Thermal Imaging Monocular ZOOM ZH38 Series
Thermal Imaging Monocular ZOOM ZH38 Series

The ZH38 is a high-end thermal imaging monocular for outdoor. It has three “FIRSTS” in the industry, those are dual field of view (FOV), 1440×1080 high display resolution and shutterless technology. While maintaining the advantages of clear images, the ZH38 also has a variety of diversified color options, PIP, digital zoom, hot spot tracking, probability rangefinding and other functions. It could be extensively used for night hunting, observation and terrain positioning, search and rescue, etc.

handheld Thermal Imager+Spotter
Thermal Imaging Scope Finder FH35R&FL35R Series

The newly upgraded Finder II Series comprises models FH35R and FL35R. As a high-end monocular with added rangefinder functionality, the Finder II Series captures all the fine details and precise outdoor observation that the modern hunter andoutdoor professional users would expect from an InfiRay product. It is a truly versatile unit and will quickly become a kit essential when you’re out in the field.

Thermal imaging hunting combo series
Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip CH50W Series

Clip CH50W is a top-end front attachment designed as the infrared expansion device of the day scope. In addition to retaining the advantages of clear image quality and no need to re-zero, CH50W also adds Wifi, photo and video functions. CH50W is featuring with precise aiming, ultra-clear imaging and complete functions. Start your adventure with CH50W, turning your day riflescopes into powerful thermal imaging aiming systems.

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.More

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.

The Review from Paul Austin - InfiRay Thermal Monocular Finder FH35R LRF
The Review from Paul Austin - InfiRay Thermal Monocular Finder FH35R LRF

The review was kindly provided by RifleShooter Magazine The products of the Finder series have been favored by many users since they were launched and have gradually gained a group of loyal fans. Paul Austin is one of those users who have owned an FH25R, and now field tests the long-awaited successor to InfiRay's original LRF thermal spotter. There is a part of his review as follow. THE WOW FACTOR Finder's product appearance is an awesome design. But one limitation of the Finder 25R is that the LRF doesn't go far enough. As can be seen from the Finder 35R, its producers are clearly aware of this problem, and the upgraded Finder provides a more powerful pinger that can quickly achieve a ranging range within 800m. Just as importantly, the new Finder also comes with replaceable lithium-ion batteries, which means the Finder 35R offers two rechargeable lithium batteries for extended outdoor use. This is a major improvement for users. FORM FACTOR The new Finder is indeed slightly larger in size, about a third longer than its predecessor, mainly to accommodate the larger 35mm lens and to provide enough room for rechargeable lithium batteries. Even so, it's designed to be compact enough to fit easily in a pocket. The file transfer of Finder 35R can basically be handled through Wi-Fi, as long as it is connected to the lnfiRay Outdoor application in the mobile phone, it can be easily realized. HANDLING AND FUNCTIONALITY The sensor on the Finder 35R is remarkable while the NETD reaches a level of less than or equal to 35mK. The F 1.0 35mm lens is impressive, as are the 50Hz refresh rate, battery life, picture-in-picture functionality, and 32GB of built-in storage. Ergonomics and navigation are very similar to the original, with the same button layout and basically the same basic menu system. All buttons are dual function, short and long presses activate or toggle between functions, and after a few hunts, it's all straightforward. To a certain extent, if you have used Finder 25R, then you can almost easily get started with Finder 35R. If I had to give any advice, I would have liked the buttons to be more prominent, as it might sometimes be easier to operate in the dark or when wearing gloves. IMAGE QUALITY The 640×512 sensor is the standard configuration of most InfiRay products. Because of the powerful sensor, the image quality of the Finder 35R is much better than that of the Finder 25R. The larger lens and InfiRay's unique Ultra Clear mode make the image effect of Finder 35R still excellent even in harsh weather conditions. In its class, the Finder 35R is an absolute bargain. If you are interested in Finder II, please click and visit our website to get more about the full-featured monocular. https://www.infirayoutdoor.com/thermal-imaging-scope-finder-fh35r-fl35r-series_p74.html This article partly draws on the content of Paul Austin's articlefromRifleshooter Magazine, while the pictures are all from InfiRay. The original review is as follows: PDF

InfiRay Outdoor Attends the IWA Fair 2022
InfiRay Outdoor Attends the IWA Fair 2022

IWA 2022 / New from InfiRay Outdoor Together with best-selling and brand-new products, InfiRay Outdoor will attend the IWA Fair – the leading international trade fair for hunting and outdoor products. If you are an outdoor or hunting enthusiast and interested in experiencing thermal and night vision products, do not forget to visit InfiRay Outdoor booth at IWA! IWA exhibition date and location: March 3rdto 6th, 2022, in Nürnberg, Germany InfiRay Outdoor Our stand number: Hall-1 / 1-538 InfiRay Outdoor Website: www.infirayoutdoor.com During this fair, along with popular and representative thermal products such as the built-in LRF riflescope – Rico RH50R, LRF monocular Finder – FH35R, the first digital night vision riflescope – TD50L, etc. InfiRay Outdoor also brings four new products at IWA. InfiRay Outdoor ZOOM ZH50 thermal imaging monocular: As the top-end monocular of ZOOM series, ZH50 not only inherits the outstanding specifications such as the 12μm and 640×512 resolution sensor, NETD≤25mK, 1440×1080 FHD AMOLED display, and the unique innovative dual field-of-view lens design. Additionally, it is optimized for better thermal imaging and user experience. The innovative feature – 2X optical zoom of 25mm and 50mm focal length. At the 25mm focal length, this monocular can be utilized for quick searching or detecting over a wide range. At the 50mm focal length, users can receive detailed imaging of the target for identification. Adjusted lower F-number improves imaging clarity. Combining these features, the detection range of ZH50 can reach 2.6Km. It provides farther and clearer thermal imaging to customers. Riflescope and Clip-on: InfiRay Outdoor aims to provide customers with all-round and exceeding expectation experience. Ultra-Clear imaging as a symbol of InfiRay, represents the outstanding imaging clarity infiRay has delivered for the customers In this IWA Fair, the brand will announce another technology objective– Ultra-Precise. Which is designed to improve shooting precision. InfiRay Outdoor Tube TH50 thermal imaging riflescope: As a leading thermal sensor and optics manufacturer, InfiRay combines a 12μm pixel sensor, 2560×2560 AMOLED display, and 50mm large lens on the TH50. TH50 guarantees the top-level imaging quality as well a comfortable observing experience for customers. Benefit from Ultra-Precise, a perfect internal construction and design, the TH50 is capable of reaching 1.2cm per unit @100m when zeroing. The precision is greatly improved and the adjustment time is much shortened. InfiRay Outdoor thermal imaging attachment Clip C series CH50W: CH50 V2’s no Re-Zeroing function has been widely praised by users. While we also received voices that requiring WiFi and internal storage features. Based on this feedback, we are pleased to introduce the new member from Clip series – CH50W, which has equipped with WiFi function, ensuring you can transfer files in real-time and sh...

TFB Review: InfiRay Finder Series FH35R LRF Thermal Monocular
TFB Review: InfiRay Finder Series FH35R LRF Thermal Monocular

This is a review of the InfiRay FH35R Thermal Monocular .Thermal imaging gives you the ability to detect heat both during day and night. These devices are typically used by hunters for scouting before and after the shot, but there are many other uses like finding missing persons. I really like this InfiRay.  It has a good image quality, it's easy to use and it's relatively small and light. On top of that, there's a built in Laser Range Finder (LRF) and the device is reasonably priced. It's been my companion on several driven hunts, and I've used it to scout various areas to discover the performance and possible limitations. Below: The driven hunt. During moments of “silence” it's pretty nice to have a thermal monocular to scout around and let time pass. A thermal is pretty good for safety as well, as you can see other non-targets like fellow hunters. A thermal monocular is a perfect companion for many reasons. Overview The heart of the InfiRay Finder FH35R is a 12μ[email protected]×512 pixel pitch high-resolution thermal sensor with a NETD of≤35 mK. The lower the NETD, the better, and it affects how clearly you can see objects and makes it easier to get the right focus among many other things. The objective lens is F35/1.0 and a frame rate is 50 Hz. The detection range is said to be 1818 meters. I did follow a helicopter for a very long distance, definitely much longer than 2 kilometers and it was still clearly visible. All this is displayed on an OLED with 1024×768 resolution. Below: InfiRay Tube TD50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope (back) and the FH35R monocular. The battery life is reasonable. I guesstimate you can run it for about 3-5 hours. Luckily you can replace the battery and continue using it. My unit came with a charger and two Li-ion batteries. Note that I used it during winter time only, which most likely reduces the battery time compared to summertime. Overall, the build quality seems acceptable and it has IP67 protection for water and dust. The outer body is made of hard plastic, the buttons are rubberized, and you can operate it with gloves. InfiRay Tube TD50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope with 940 IR Lamp (left) and the FH35R monocular. Thermals On Ice The InfiRay FH35R is 160x90x50 mm and weighs about 400 grams. It fits the hand quite nicely and slips into the pocket without a problem. Setting the ocular is easy, and it’s done with the switch on the left side (not the battery cover). There’s also an infrared sensor switch that controls and switches the display on and off automatically to save power, and it works great. If the device is hanging in the straps, it’s off, if it detects your head, it turns on. Wonderful! Image Quality If you haven't looked into a modern high-end thermal, you should. The sensor has 640×512 pixels and it delivers a good quality image. A lof of people say you can't get a sense of depth in a thermal. I wonder if they've tried a modern one? Of course the picture is flatter than in a traditional optic, bu...

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