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  • Thermal spotter review: InfiRay CBL19 Cabin 2021-07-19 15:44:18
    An impressive overall feature set for an attractively priced 388 thermal The latest thermal spotter from InfiRay has arrived! The InfiRay CBL19 Cabin is a bit more unusual than most, as it appears to be a bit of a crossover concept. Paul Austin investigates... All the typical InfiRay features but...
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  • Experienced users' New Choice --The Upgrading of Saim series SCT35 V2 2021-07-16 15:44:18
    Is InfiRay Saim Series become one of your necessities among the hunting kits? Have you ever expected the upgrading of Saim Series? Now we are happy to bring you with the upgrading of Saim series-SCT35 V2. What's new? The new generation Saim SCT35 V2adopts Infiray's Powerful Core - 12μm de...
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  • InfiRay Talks: Hunting with Thermal Monocular 2021-07-14 15:44:18
    Whether you are experienced or traditional hunters, have you ever met the following issues: have no opportunities to enjoy the hunting freely due to inclement weathers like foggy days or nightfall? If you have, why not try thermal monocular with your hunting? A thermal monocular can be the best choi...
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  • Better Sensor, Clearer Imaging Meet InfiRay Thermal Imaging Monocular-EYE II V3 2021-07-10 15:44:18
    Are you the ones who emphasize a lot on imaging quality? Are you still looking for the monocular with clear imaging as your adventure helper? To meet our newest thermal imaging monocular EYE II V3 (E6+V3&E6PROV3) whose imaging quality has come to a new level with excellent performance 12um 640 r...
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  • InfiRay Shows: To Be Ever Clearer Video Collection Sharing 2021-07-09 15:44:18
    To be ever clearer is what infiRay always pursues. Through the world-leading thermal sensor technologies and the continuous optimizing of the software algorithms, infiRay has won the recognition of the users in the clear imaging of its devices. During the clear imaging collection event which infiRay...
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  • InfiRay CH50 Series – high end all-round thermal attachments for versatile day optics 2021-06-30 15:44:18
    If you are people who are bound up in professional enthusiastic hunting with your favorite day optics, and also don't want to skip the enjoyments brought by thermals, you'll never miss our newest launch of CH50 series! New members Clip C CH50 series are multifunctional thermal attachments eq...
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  • Ratting with a InfiRay SCP 19 and Eye E3 V2 thermal scope 2021-06-28 15:44:18
    Mat Manning swaps his usual infrared night vision for a thermal setup and has a busy night on the rattingI have dipped a toe, though, and I had pretty good results using an InfiRay Saim model I was sent for review last year. Therefore, I was quite excited that been asked if I would like to give theS...
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  • The Cabin from InfiRay – New Entry-level Thermal Imaging Monocular 2021-06-15 15:44:17
    If you’re looking for a fully featured thermal imaging monocular that won’t break the bank, the Cabin Series from InfiRay Outdoor is the perfect choice. It's compact size, powerful functions and amazing image features set a new standard in entry-level thermal tech. Powerful Core, HD Images Th...
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