InfiRay Outdoor Rico HD RS75 Review by TRUE PEARCE


InfiRay Outdoor Rico HD RS75 Review by TRUE PEARCE

InfiRay Outdoor Rico HD RS75 Review by TRUE PEARCE

2022-11-02 15:58:47

Testing the RS75 for wild boar hunting from Gunsamerica provides insight into the performance of the 1280 detector.


SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Up until today, the best thermal sensors and scopes available to the commercial market have all been 640×480 thermal sensors. InfiRay Outdoors is changing that with the first 1280×1024. It’s four times as much resolution as has ever been available to the commercial market in a riflescope. 

The InfiRay RICO HD RS75 with the groundbreaking 1280 sensor means better detail, more field of view, more detection range, and you can digitally zoom further before your image looks like pixelated garbage.


Screenshot taken of video from the RS75

I had the opportunity to travel to Texas and hunt with the RICO HD RS75 and it didn’t disappoint. Even with high humidity and sweltering heat at night, the RICO HD RS75 delivered crisp clear images with HD detail you have to see to believe. I didn’t always have time to perfectly focus the picture due to some high-speed action-packed hog hunting but you’ll get the idea.

Luckily, due to the 128 GB of onboard video recording ability, I can share some of what it’s like shooting the RS75 with you. I will however warn you that it’s better in person. The audio that’s recorded with the scope is excellent and the best I’ve ever seen/heard in a thermal scope. I downloaded the InfiRay Outdoor app on my phone at 3 am while in the field and easily download the videos off of the scope onto my phone. In other words, the app is easy to use and gets the video from the RICO HD RS75 to your phone with no drama.

The native base optical magnification on the RS75 is 2x so it’s not really designed to be a long-range scope. However, because of the increase in detail provided by the 1280 sensor, you can digitally zoom pretty far and still see good enough to shoot. In fact, I was hitting a steel BCC zone target standing from a tripod at 317 yards in the middle of a Dallas, Texas afternoon. We did nothing to the steel target to make it visible and I feel like I could have shot hundreds of yards further without even trying hard. While I didn’t get a chance to try, I believe that in the right conditions, an 800-yard hit on steel would be very doable. InfiRay claims the detection range is 3600 yards which is a huge jump over existing thermal scopes.

Certainly the 12 μm (micron) pixel pitch and the 75mm F1.0 germanium lens help.


The objective lens is 75mm.

The eyepiece you look through and the display are also something you need to see to understand how incredible they are. I don’t know in technical terms how to describe them but the eye relief is almost unlimited. I could stand 10 feet behind the scope and as long as I was lined up could see the display. In more technical terms the eyepiece is an orthoscopic (magnified). There are a set of optical lenses that provide the magnification.

Also, in daylight without any sort of rubber light shield/tube, you can see the display perfectly. Bar none the RS75 has the best display/eyepiece I’ve ever experienced on a thermal. The resolution of the display is 2560×2560.


The RS75 ships with two rechargeable battery packs that can be swapped out in seconds.

The InfiRay RICO HD RS75 uses the same InfiRay Outdoors battery packs that the other RICO scopes and the ZOOM handhelds all use. Right now it looks like the battery life is really dependent on how the scope is used. For example, if you keep the scope in standby mode, you’ll likely get 6 hours. If you leave the scope on continuously maybe you’ll get 3-4 hours. If you run the rangefinder and never turn it off you might only get two hours.

Either way, the RS75 comes with two batteries which should easily get you all the way through the longest nights. You can also charge the batteries in the field from your vehicle or UTV. 


The focus ring is easy to feel and use in the dark. The rangefinder attaches via the Picatinny rail on the side.

The InfiRay RICO HD RS75 ships with a 1000-yard rangefinder. It connects via the USB C port on the RS75.

The RS75 digital zoom goes from 2x optical to 4x digital, 8x, and ends at 12x digital.

The color pallets are White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Color, and Highlight. I found White Hot and Black Hot to both be exceptional and the most useful.


There are 7 reticles currently available with several that are the equivalent of a first focal plane.

The RS75 is recoil rated for up to 300 Win Mag. 

Compared to the InfiRay RH25 clip-on which I used as a handheld the RS75 is kind of chunky. It’s twelve and a half inches long and weighs 44 ounces. I made lots of sitting offhand shots from the back of the truck and when filled with hunting adrenaline didn’t notice the weight at all. 

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Thermal Imaging Riflescope Rico Series-RS75


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