IWA 2022 / New from InfiRay Outdoor


IWA 2022 / New from InfiRay Outdoor

IWA 2022 / New from InfiRay Outdoor

2022-03-04 00:00:00

Together with best-selling and brand-new products, InfiRay Outdoor will attend the IWA Fair – the leading international trade fair for hunting and outdoor products.

If you are an outdoor or hunting enthusiast and interested in experiencing thermal and night vision products, do not forget to visit InfiRay Outdoor booth at IWA!

IWA exhibition date and location:

March 3rdto 6th, 2022, in Nürnberg, Germany

InfiRay Outdoor Our and stand number:

Hall-1 / 1-538

InfiRay Outdoor Website:


During this fair, along with popular and representative thermal products such as the built-in LRF riflescope – Rico RH50R, LRF monocular Finder – FH35R, the first digital night vision riflescope – TD50L, etc. InfiRay Outdoor also brings four new products at IWA.


InfiRay Outdoor ZOOM ZH50 thermal imaging monocular:

As the top-end monocular of ZOOM series, ZH50 not only inherits the outstanding specifications such as the 12μm and 640×512 resolution sensor, NETD≤25mK, 1440×1080 FHD AMOLED display, and the unique innovative dual field-of-view lens design. Additionally, it is optimized for better thermal imaging and user experience.

The innovative feature – 2X optical zoom of 25mm and 50mm focal length. At the 25mm focal length, this monocular can be utilized for quick searching or detecting over a wide range. At the 50mm focal length, users can receive detailed imaging of the target for identification. Adjusted lower F-number improves imaging clarity. Combining these features, the detection range of ZH50 can reach 2.6Km. It provides farther and clearer thermal imaging to customers.


Riflescope and Clip-on:

InfiRay Outdoor aims to provide customers with all-round and exceeding expectation experience. Ultra-Clear imaging as a symbol of InfiRay, represents the outstanding imaging clarity infiRay has delivered for the customers

In this IWA Fair, the brand will announce another technology objective– Ultra-Precise. Which is designed to improve shooting precision.


InfiRay Outdoor Tube TH50 thermal imaging riflescope:

As a leading thermal sensor and optics manufacturer, InfiRay combines a 12μm pixel sensor, 2560×2560 AMOLED display, and 50mm large lens on the TH50.

TH50 guarantees the top-level imaging quality as well a comfortable observing experience for customers.

Benefit from Ultra-Precise, a perfect internal construction and design, the TH50 is capable of reaching 1.2cm per unit @100m when zeroing. The precision is greatly improved and the adjustment time is much shortened.


InfiRay Outdoor thermal imaging attachment Clip C series CH50W:

CH50 V2’s no Re-Zeroing function has been widely praised by users. While we also received voices that requiring WiFi and internal storage features. Based on this feedback, we are pleased to introduce the new member from Clip series – CH50W, which has equipped with WiFi function, ensuring you can transfer files in real-time and share the hunting fun with your friends on social media in time. CH50W supports photo and video functions, 32G amount of memory allows users to save thousands of pictures or more than 100 hours videos.

CH50W adopts Ultra-Precise technology. It uses special materials for the sensor, lens, display and optimized internal structure, realizes reliable stability and shock resistance, as well as the precise 1× optical magnification, which can match your day scopes almost perfectly.


Combo Product:

InfiRay Outdoor has released the modish hunting combo to meet the growing demands in the market. The hunting combo contains an entry-level thermal imaging monocular – Affo AP13, and a powerful digital night vision riflescope – Tube TD50L.

AP13 adopts a self-developed 12μm sensor of 256×192 resolution and high-quality thermal imaging. 13mm objective focal length provides a great field of view. TD50L adopts a 1440×1080 resolution CMOS HD sensor with ultra-low light performance, and a HD display integrated with powerful algorithms.

As an observation tool for hunting or group hunting activities, AP13 can be utilized to quick search for targets. Meanwhile, TD50L is acting the role of precise shooting. This combo has combined the advantages of night and thermal vision, as well as riflescope and handheld monocular.

More importantly, it also enhances the cooperation efficiency, especially for group hunting activities. AP13 can emit 980nm invisible IR laser to position the target without being perceived by preys, but can be seen and aimed by TD50L. Combined use can greatly improve hunting efficiency.


The release of the four products not only means more choices for the customers, but also provides customers with an entire new experience via InfiRay’s leading technology – Ultra-Clear and Ultra-Precise.

If you are interested in thermal and night vision products and want to know more about InfiRay brand, do not forget to visit InfiRay Outdoor booth at IWA Fair.

The exhibition date is from March 3rdto 6th, 2022 in Nürnberg, Germany.

InfiRay Outdoor Booth is at Hall-1 / 1-538

More details please check InfiRay Outdoor's website:

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