Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program


Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program

Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program

2023-03-20 00:00:00

Over the past one year, InfiRay Outdoor has flourished thanks to the hard work and commitment of our beloved Mr./Ms. InfiRays. As we strive to continually enhance our services and provide even more value to our users, it is time for us to start our Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program again.

Mr./Ms. InfiRay Recruitment Program is held annually to invite more avid, experienced hunters who also like InfiRay Outdoor brand to join us! They will be our partners as well as our friends who will help grow and develop the brand, and work with us to provide more and better “hunt like never before” products for the global users!

The Mr./Ms. InfiRay should be equipped with the necessary hunting knowledge and content creation skills to get a chance to win our product for their contributions and efforts.


As Mr./Ms.InfiRay you will:

s   Have the chance to test our latest products before it come out.

s   Sharing your view to our technical engineer, get a chance to turn your innovative idea into our new products.

s   Get a chance to attend our exhibition fairs and other local events.

s   Purchase InfiRay Outdoors’s products at a discount. Also, get a chance to win our products.

s   Get the opportunity to work with our staff to build the brand together.

s   Connect with like-minded hunters to communicate with each other.

s   Your information will be shown on official website’s ambassador page to help get more affiliate of your own account.

Requirements to Apply

s   Identify with our brand value and be willing to grow up with us together.

s   Active in the hunting industry, understand our brand and value and be willing to work together.

s   Create a unique engagement between the customer and InfiRay Outdoor with each experience by sharing your hunting tips or other unique information.

s   Maintain a working knowledge of InfiRay Outdoor’s products and services as the Product Expert to solve users’ problem on our community.

s   Proactively generate and share ideas with InfiRay Outdoor after reviewing products on ways to grow our brand together.

s   Develop strong communication and working relationships with InfiRay Outdoor regarding specific needs, opportunities, customer requests to target future growth.


How to become Mr./Ms.InfiRay?

Fill out with your reliable information in the form.


What is the process to Mr./Ms.InfiRay?

We will take some time to evaluate the applications submitted and coordinate e-mail interviews with the candidates we deem appropriate for more information.

Please note: Due to the number of requests, this process may take some time. If you are selected, you will be contacted by us through official e-mail.

We believe that our Ambassador Program will bring our community closer together and help us reach new heights. We are grateful for your support, and we’re excited to witness the accomplishments of the Mr./Ms. InfiRay!


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