The Review from Paul Austin - InfiRay Thermal Monocular Finder FH35R LRF


The Review from Paul Austin - InfiRay Thermal Monocular Finder FH35R LRF

The Review from Paul Austin - InfiRay Thermal Monocular Finder FH35R LRF

2022-05-13 03:03:05

The review was kindly provided by RifleShooter Magazine

The products of the Finder series have been favored by many users since they were launched and have gradually gained a group of loyal fans. Paul Austin is one of those users who have owned an FH25R, and now field tests the long-awaited successor to InfiRay's original LRF thermal spotter.

There is a part of his review as follow.



Finder's product appearance is an awesome design. But one limitation of the Finder 25R is that the LRF doesn't go far enough. As can be seen from the Finder 35R, its producers are clearly aware of this problem, and the upgraded Finder provides a more powerful pinger that can quickly achieve a ranging range within 800m.

Just as importantly, the new Finder also comes with replaceable lithium-ion batteries, which means the Finder 35R offers two rechargeable lithium batteries for extended outdoor use. This is a major improvement for users.



The new Finder is indeed slightly larger in size, about a third longer than its predecessor, mainly to accommodate the larger 35mm lens and to provide enough room for rechargeable lithium batteries. Even so, it's designed to be compact enough to fit easily in a pocket. The file transfer of Finder 35R can basically be handled through Wi-Fi, as long as it is connected to the lnfiRay Outdoor application in the mobile phone, it can be easily realized.



The sensor on the Finder 35R is remarkable while the NETD reaches a level of less than or equal to 35mK. The F 1.0 35mm lens is impressive, as are the 50Hz refresh rate, battery life, picture-in-picture functionality, and 32GB of built-in storage. Ergonomics and navigation are very similar to the original, with the same button layout and basically the same basic menu system. All buttons are dual function, short and long presses activate or toggle between functions, and after a few hunts, it's all straightforward. To a certain extent, if you have used Finder 25R, then you can almost easily get started with Finder 35R.

If I had to give any advice, I would have liked the buttons to be more prominent, as it might sometimes be easier to operate in the dark or when wearing gloves.


The 640×512 sensor is the standard configuration of most InfiRay products. Because of the powerful sensor, the image quality of the Finder 35R is much better than that of the Finder 25R. The larger lens and InfiRay's unique Ultra Clear mode make the image effect of Finder 35R still excellent even in harsh weather conditions.


In its class, the Finder 35R is an absolute bargain. If you are interested in Finder II, please click and visit our website to get more about the full-featured monocular.

This article partly draws on the content of Paul Austin's articlefromRifleshooter Magazine, while the pictures are all from InfiRay.

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