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  • Mr./Ms.InfiRay 2021 Recruitment -Kicks off! 2021-05-28 15:44:17
    Do you like and support InfiRay brand and products? Are you the one who are active in social platforms, online and offline communities? Are you good at content creation and are willing to share your review feelings with others? If your answers are “Yes”, Congratulations! You are probably the right M...
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    TO BE EVER CLEARER! PARTICIPATE IN INFIRAY CLEAREST THERMAL IMAGING VIDEO COLLECTION EVENT TO WIN AN INFIRAY E2N V2! Providing users with clear thermal imaging quality products is the unremitting pursue of InfiRay Outdoor. We have world-leading thermal sensor technologies with highly effective Ma...
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  • InfiRay Products Show: The most compact 12um-Sensor embedded Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series 2021-05-08 15:41:25
    InfiRay Products Show: The most compact 12um-Sensor embedded Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series If you are looking for the lightest and most compact clip-on thermal imager or thermal imaging attachment, then you’ve come to the right place. The Clip T series CTP 13 of InfiRay Outdoor can be cou...
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  • InfiRay Tips: How much do you know about InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode? 2021-04-03 15:44:17
    Have you ever been stopped for hunting in inclement weather conditions such as rain, fog or other worse weathers because of the following lower quality thermal images your thermal devices created:?a) Bad image quality in sharpness and clarityb) Lack of details and levels on thermal imagingc) Difficu...
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  • Discover: How InfiRay Outdoor Realize “Clear” Imaging? 2021-03-25 15:44:17
    Whether you are new-coming thermal goers or loyal pro staff for thermal, having thermal imagers or devices featuring “clear” imaging will provide not only possibilities of object basic objects recognition, but also clearest thermal imaging with richer details and higher contrast levels. InfiRay Outd...
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  • InfiRay Talks: What Determine “Ultra clear” of The Thermal? 2021-03-17 15:44:17
    As it referred to expression or evaluation of thermal imaging, the clarity and sharpness are most mentioned by people, words like crisp, clear even Ultra clear are often talked about. But do you know how or what rate the thermal imaging clarity of the thermal imager you owned now? Does it have ultra...
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  • E2n V2.0 Version Release 2021-03-09 15:44:17
    InfiRay Outdoor Releases Its 12μm Affordable Pocket-sized Monocular-E2n V2.0 Version InfiRay Outdoor has released its 12μm affordable monocular-E2N V2.0 Version. It is the updated version of E2N, which was one of the earliest InfiRay Outdoor entry-level thermal monocular winning the favors of the...
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  • New Distribution Partnership In UK 2021-03-02 15:44:17
    InfiRay Outdoor Announce New Distribution Partnership In UK With great anticipation, InfiRay Outdoor is excited to announce our new distribution partnership with Highland Outdoors in UK, effective 1st March 2021. Highland Outdoors, established in 2007, it is the UK’s premier wholesale distributor f...
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