InfiRay Outdoor Unveils 4 New Products at Autumn Launch Event


InfiRay Outdoor Unveils 4 New Products at Autumn Launch Event

InfiRay Outdoor Unveils 4 New Products at Autumn Launch Event

2022-09-16 04:00:00

InfiRay Outdoor released its highly anticipated autumn products on their Autumn Launch Event, which includes  EYEⅢ MAXMate SeriesHybrid Seriesand the star attraction being——Rico RS75. The launch event was lived broadcast on Sep. 15th EST/20:00 Sep. 15th CET on Facebook and YouTube.

Users are pretty familiar with InfiRay Outdoor’s high image quality, but the new products come with more than basic features that we brings. Hunt Like Never Before, the slogan shows our dedication and ambition to bring brand new hunting experience with unique functionhigh efficiencyhigh clarity...




EYEE3 MAX——To improve your hunting efficiency


As pioneer of the optoelectronic industry we update its EYE series to the third generation,the device have a brand new cylindrcal design with the scroll wheel to perform most of the operations. Beside the traditional ON/OFF button, the EYEE3 MAX can automatically turn on/off quickly just by open/close the lens cap. Since most operations can be completed with a single button on the scroll wheel, it is also friendly for left-handed users. Thusit will help users hunt more efficiency without hesitation, distraction in the dark.

 Beside the operation efficiency they updated on the EYEE3 MAX, the device also features ultra-clear imaging mode and basic magnification up to 5.0. For the users who want to observe the target quickly, it must be a suitable option.In addition to magnetic charging, it can also be charged with type C to ensure that it is not easy to fall when connected to a power bank while hunting.



MATE Series——Your ideal mate for daytime scopes


Mate Series is the latest clip-on products made by InfiRay Outdoor. The high-end MAH50 they presented this time is housed with extra strong magnesium alloy materials which will contribute to the high requirement of "POI=1MOA" even by matching with high-caliber rifles. For the first time InfiRay add LRF as an optional accessory for the clip-on. Therefore, the ultra-precise is realized.

These MATE products equipped with 640*51212detector with NETD<25mkit can distortion-free image even when used with a 10x daytime scope.

The MAH50 has a portable size as smaller as a iPhone12InfiRay Outdoor also made it 20% lighter than other similar products when counting in the weight of a built-in battery. It could be a good choice for the users who want smaller, lighter front attachment.



HybridDiscover the versatility of thermal imager


From the name Hybrid, Hybrid is a dual-purpose multifunctional thermal imageras a thermal rifle scope or as a clip-on. Considering the users' comfort and safety, Hybrid has a extra large eyebox to observe comfortably and 60mm exit pupil distance to stay safe.

InfiRay has always adhered to the ultra-clear standard, so Hybrid uses a 2560×1920 AMOLED display for better imaging quality.

In order to achieve the accuracy of 1MOA, Hybrid has significantly improved the recoil-absorbing mount, LRF and ballistic calculation. The external rangefinder adopts the quick-release form, which is very convenient to install.Hybrid will bring you a hunt like never before.



Rico RS751.3 million pixelsZERO competition


Alongside the regular product series,InfiRay Outdoor launched the RS75 which is described as a new era for the RICO Series. It is the very first time to adopt 1280 detectors into terminal products in the whole industry.The RS75 is powered by new 1280 sensor designed by InfiRay Outdoor, it can stay clear with 12× magnification to ensure that you can see the maximum amount of detail to reliably identify your target.

RS75 features a 75mm objective lens. With the combination of insane focal length and the powerful detector, RS75 manages to expand the detection range to over 3800 meters. The wide aperture allows more energy to be transmitted and therefore increases the contrast, making it easier for hunters to spot games.

 The Rico RS75 also comes with striking featuresincluding the 3896 detection rangea 1.03 inch superior  AMOLED screenstander configuration LRFand 128G internal memory which will provide the worry-free recording.


InfiRay Outdoors new products do give an extra avenue for  brand-new hunting experience , all the new products will be available later this fall. They also promise more new products on this hunting season.


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