Roe Deer Stalking in Aberdeenshire UK


Roe Deer Stalking in Aberdeenshire UK

Roe Deer Stalking in Aberdeenshire UK

2022-10-17 14:06:24

Written by Sergio Couto

October 6, 2022

The Finder FH35R is designed to be pocket-sized, not allowing any critical moment to be missed. Let's learn more about the Finder FH35R from the field diary written by InfiRay UK Ambassador Sergio Couto.


Cold but Excited

The morning of the 25th April 2022 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire was cold, very cold. We started out at 5am, feeling apprehensive on the day's results, we usually hunt on farm land, and prefer to try dense areas of trees where Roe Deer are predominant, I braced the client for the worst but soon we spotted a doe with a buck and our mood immediately changed, and we stopped feeling the cold.


Pockets of Trees

We found a badly shot Roe in woodland that had been damaged by the winter storms, when we took the shot and saw the reaction of the deer, I knew we were in trouble, so I reached for my InfiRay thermal.



Successful Day

We managed to recover the Roe, mainly due to the fact that I had my FH35R in my pocket, I love the size and there is no compromise on capability, it performed superbly well - super fast from standby mode, the focus wheel is well tuned which makes it very predictable on focussing at different ranges. All in all, a successful day.


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