All In One, New Hunting Horizons


All In One, New Hunting Horizons

All In One, New Hunting Horizons

2022-08-11 17:03:57

We are excited to announce the release of InfiRay Thermal+. The idea of Thermal + is to apply the integration of daytime optics and thermal imaging to the outdoor hunting field. With the combination of two technologies, during the daytime, users can spot the camouflage animals easily, while seeing the environment as it is. And they keep all the functions of a thermal imager at night. The image generated is different from existing scopes.

Thermal+ is another revolutionary innovation by InfiRay based on practical needs. It aims to address both the pain points of daytime optics users and thermal imager users. We look forward to bringing an improved and unprecedented hunting experience to users.


Why InfiRay developed Thermal+

It is necessary to briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of traditional daytime optics and thermal imagers.

Daytime optics rely on natural light and the basic refraction principle to facilitate aiming by magnifying the target. What you can see through a daytime optic is just the magnified real scene.

However, there will be a serious dilution of the performance when it comes to a dark environment. To overcome the limitation, people invented night vision sights, and the thermal imager is a typical category. It converts radiation into visible light images through electronic sensors and distinguishes the games by capturing the heat they emitted. Thereby solving the problem of hunting during the night.

At present, the only way to expand the night vision function for day scopes is to add a thermal imager in front of the daytime unit lens, that is, clip-on products. In this case, you will need to go hunting with at least a daytime optic and a thermal imager.

So, we are wondering if it's possible to integrate the technology of daytime optics and thermal imaging to realize the real scene and accurate recognition experience for hunters. Then the original attempt to bring Thermal+ into the outdoor field comes.

How Thermal+ Achieves the Integration of Daytime Optics and Thermal Imaging

Thermal+ is based on the traditional optical path design, adding both a direct view channel and thermal imaging channel, making the original two beams of light share one optical channel to achieve seamless switching. Users can see the real view while seeing highlights by thermal imaging from daytime observation to night observation. In addition, Thermal+’s image modes include red dot, thermal mode, AR highlight, and outline mode to satisfy various complex hunting observations.


What Hunting Experience Thermal+ Will Bring

The practical value of Thermal+ plays an unimaginable role in outdoor activities and dealing with complex environments, mainly tackling the following pain points for users.

All in one. Pack light for adventure 

Currently, it is more suitable to use optics scope during the daytime while using thermal imagers at night. The hunting tools you need to carry may include a daytime scope, clip-on, monocular, and thermal rifle scope in order to cope with various hunting environments.

Why not take Thermal+ for your outdoor? You only need one Thermal+ to achieve hunt from day to night. Thermal+'s "daytime optics + thermal imaging" dual-channel design supports lightweight hunting. In the daytime, Thermal+'s direct view channel conforms to the habits of daytime optics users and authentically presents the hunting scene. When turned dark, you can switch to the thermal imaging channel, which can distinguish the target from the background environment by recognizing the temperature difference to achieve quick targeting.


One-time zero. Hunting from day to night

Before hunting, you need to do zero work to ensure shooting precisely. After replacing the thermal imager at night, you will need to calibrate it again to ensure accuracy. Nulling several times affected hunting efficiency. Thermal+ has an absolute advantage in zero calibration. Re-zeroing is no longer required to hit the target. One-time zeroing saves hunting time and enhances hunting pleasure.


New AR function. Find camouflage games easily

Have you ever encountered such a situation: when the target is similar in color to the surroundings, it’s difficult to find the target by using daytime optics? Or temperature difference in between is tiny that the target cannot be detected? Thermal+'s AR function is in response to such difficulties. When the target is hidden by the background environment, the see-through optics channel shows the normal view, while the thermal imaging channel highlights the target, helping users to discover the prey camouflaged in the background.


Thermal+'s dual-channel design will cover the full range of products: rifle scope, monocular, laser rangefinder, clip-on, and red dot, to meet all types of needs.  A number of Thermal+ products will be released in the next weeks to months.


Innovation is InfiRay's persistent pursuit, from dual optical zoom to Thermal+, InfiRay has always been committed to helping users become more modern, more unique, and more confident hunters.

InfiRay is recruiting Thermal+ product experiencers worldwide. Whether you are an experienced user of daytime optics or an enthusiast of thermal imagers, a sophisticated hunter, or just interested in our Thermal+, please come to the following link to apply:

(The recruitment starts from August 11th to September 11th.

Choose Thermal +, experience "daytime optics + thermal imaging", waive the norm, and start an all-new adventure! To learn more about InfiRay Outdoor, please visit our website:

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