Hunting Combo Series AP13 & TD50L
Hunting Combo Series AP13 & TD50L

Hunting Combo Series AP13 & TD50L

Hunting Combo Series AP13 & TD50L

A hunting combo containing an entry-level thermal imaging monocular for searching and a middle-end digital night-vision Riflescope, both devices are from InfiRay Outdoor.

Meet With Hunting ComboAP13+TD50L

A hunting combo containing an entry-level thermal imaging monocular for searching and a middle-end digital night-vision Riflescope, both devices are from InfiRay Outdoor.


AP13 adopts a self-developed 12μmsensor@256×192 resolution and ensures high-quality thermal imaging, 13mm objective lens produce a great field of view. The device supports photo taking and video recording functions, has a built-in high-speed 32GB storage capacity.


TD50L adopts CMOS HDsensor@1440×1080 resolution featuring ultra-low light performance and HD display also integrated powerful algorithms. With 13-hour battery life and a replaceable external battery, also the traditional tubular design, the device suits the using habit of traditional hunters.


HD images with higher quality brought by the high-performance sensors and algorithms


Large internal memory storage and long battery life to meet the requirement of whole-night video recording


Multiple color palettes(AP13) and image modes(TD50L) to choose from



Un-visible IR laser (AP13), combined with digital night vision ensure the effective hunting

During the group hunting activities,980nm un-visible IR laser(AP13) can match better with TD50L digital night vision riflescope, without the fear that preys could be frightened away, more effective and more professional.

AP13 can be used for a quick searching preys and targets,meanwhile TD50L will act the role of precise shooting, perfect combination for group hunting!

  • AP13
  • TD50L
Thermal Imaging Resolution256×192
Pixel Pitch12um
Frame Rate25Hz
Focal Length of Thermal Imaging Lens13mm
Visual Magnification1.2×~2.4×
Digital Zoom1×, 2×
Diopter Adjustment-3D ~ +1D
Detection Range (Target Size: 1.7m x 0.5m, P (n) =99%)675m
Display, resolution720×540 LCOS
Battery Life9.5h
Battery Type/CapacityBuilt-in Lithium Battery 103450  *2
Operating Temperature-10~+50℃
Ingress Protection RatingIP67
StorageBuilt-in 32GB memory
Dimensions, mm161×60×57
APP/Wi-FiSupport (InfiRay Outdoor)

Sensor resolution, pixelsCMOS 1440×1080
Pixel size, μm4×4
Frame Rate, Hz50
Objective Lens, mm50 (F1.2)
Field of  View, º6.6×4.9
Magnification, x4x~16x(4x Zoom)
Eye Relief, mm70
Resolution, pixels1280×960 LCOS
Capture/Video Record Resolution, pixels1280×960
Detection Range, m600
IR Illuminator Wavelength850nm /940nm (optional)
BatteryBuilt-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 18500 battery
Max. Operating Time (at temp.=22 ºC), h*>13
External power supply5V (Type C USB)
Diameter of the riflescope body to assemble the mounting rings, mm30
Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon, g/s²1000
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)IP67
Built-in Memory, GB16
Weight (without replaceable Battery), g<1000
Dimension, mm395×85×75
APP/Wi-FiSupport (InfiRay Outdoor)

  • Product Parameters Comparison
  • ModelAP13ModelTD50L
    Thermal Imaging Resolution256×192Sensor resolution, pixelsCMOS 1440×1080
    Pixel Pitch12umPixel size, μm4×4
    NETD≤40mkFrame Rate, Hz50
    Frame Rate25HzObjective Lens, mm50 (F1.2)
    Focal Length of Thermal Imaging Lens13mmField of View, º6.6×4.9
    FOV13.5°×10.1°Magnification, x4x~16x(4x Zoom)
    Visual Magnification1.2×~2.4×Eye Relief, mm70
    Digital  Zoom1×, 2×Resolution, pixels1280×960 LCOS
    Diopter Adjustment-3D ~ +1DCapture/Video Record Resolution,  pixels1280×960
    WIFISupportDetection Range, m600
    Detection Range (Target Size: 1.7m x 0.5m, P (n) =99%)675mIR Illuminator Wavelength850nm /940nm (optional)
    Display,  resolution720×540 LCOSBatteryBuilt-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 18500 battery
    InterfaceType-C/HDMIMax. Operating Time (at temp.=22  ºC), h*>13
    Battery  Life9.5hExternal power supply5V (Type C USB)
    Battery  Type/CapacityBuilt-in Lithium Battery 103450  *2Diameter of the riflescope body  to assemble the mounting rings, mm30
    Operating  Temperature-10~+50℃Max. Recoil Power on Rifled  Weapon, g/s²1000
    Ingress  Protection RatingIP67Degree of protection, IP code  (IEC60529)IP67
    StorageBuilt-in 32GB memoryBuilt-in Memory, GB16
    Weight≤340gWeight (without replaceable  Battery), g<1000
    Dimensions,  mm161×60×57Dimension, mm395×85×75
    APP/Wi-FiSupport (InfiRay Outdoor)APP/Wi-FiSupport (InfiRay Outdoor)


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Evolving from EYE series, EYE III keeps the accumulate tech strength of EYE II, but entrusts another mission: Improve your hunting efficiency. That is what EYE III is for, being user-oriented by providing ultra-clear imaging and ease of use.On this basis, EYE III has been changed more in line with user needs, making it one of the best choices for your hunting gear.

TUBE SE retains most of the highly recognized features of TUBE series in a surprisingly compact body with a lighter weight of only 750g. It also adopts a zoom ring to adjust magnification, a Bluetooth LRF to provide precise distance measurement and a controller instead of buttons. TUBE SE is sure to bring you an all-round easier experience.

As the pioneer that put dual FOV into thermal optics, InfiRay has hit the market again with the upgraded dual field of view monocular-ZH50 V2. There are four reasons that we need to choose ZH50 V2: One device with an adjustable field of view; No refocus and seamless switch; Ultra-clear Imaging and long-time hunting via 2 battery packs. ZH50 V2 will be the perfect choice if you want to experience the easy dual field-of-view adventure, it is the right tool you need to take your hunt to the next level.&nbsp;&nbsp;

The TH50V2 expands on the success of the TH50 with the addition of the optional LRF and built-in mic function, maintaining the excellent features such as 12um 640x512 sensor, 50mm optics and 2560x2560 1.03” AMOLED display.&nbsp;The new TH50V2 is designed to present unprecedented comfort, super clarity and absolute precision.

The TL50/TL35V2 adds new functions to the former TL35 such as an expandable Laser Ranging Function to provide distance measurement, the upgraded OLED display and the built-in Mic to record sound. After the amelioration, the Tube TL50 will better serve as your night tool while keeping a traditional day scope appearance.

The InfiRay Outdoor RICO PRO was built to be the most advanced dual field-of-view (FOV) thermal rifle scope available to the commercial market.&nbsp;InfiRay Outdoor’s patented dual FOV objective lens allows users to seamlessly switch between a wide FOV for detection and a narrow FOV for target identification.&nbsp;Unmatched image quality, paired with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, HD display, 6-hour run-time, aluminum alloy housing, and 32GB of internal memory, gives you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.

The CLIP NV series is a digital day and night front attachment with outstanding night vision capability, featuring the 35mm professional night vision lens, excellent full 1080p ultra-low light HD sensor, OLED display, removable external batteries, 32G build-in memory, WiFi, record, capture, Bluetooth remote control, and so on, professional and suitable for outdoor hunting.

M6 Series is a vehicle mounted PTZ thermal camera system developed for outdoor hunting, search, and rescue. It can rapidly be installed on the vehicle roof by a pressurized suction cup or securely mounted on a rack.

UNIQUE series is a next-level professional handheld thermal imager. Equipped with a high-performance infrared sensor, full-color high-resolution HD AMOLED display&nbsp;,and up to ×20 eyepiece, it prides itself on an excellent imaging effect. Paired with a replaceable 4400mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, the UNIQUE series ensures up to 2×10 hours of endurance.

MATE creates a spot where precision meets portability. The magnesium alloy housing reduces the weight by 50% and improves the precision. MATE supports practical functions, including removable buttons, LRF, and monocular extension. It is the ideal mate for users who want a compact size and great value.

InfiRay Hybrid offers the versatility to hunt using either a thermal riflescope or clip-on. Hybrid is equipped with optional external LRF and ballistic calculation to make accuracy up to ±1MOA. It adopts a 2K level 2560×1920 full-color OLED display, which provides excellent display performance while its eyepieces are designed with user comfort and safety in mind. Hybrid aims to bring you a hunt like never before.

Rico-RS75 ushers in a whole new era of high-definition thermal with its most powerful thermal imaging detector. RS75 is the first to adopt a thermal imaging detector with a resolution up to 1280*1024. Every RICO with the 1280 detector will be transformed into a completely different class of product. Altogether with its 2560*2560, 1.03-inch AMOLED display, and optimized optical opponent, RS75 is designed to be the dream scope for night hunters.

The AFFO Series handheld thermal imaging monocular is an entry-level thermal monocular for users, featuring both a fashionable appearance and a more compact size. The AFFO Series uses a self-developed 12μm detector to produce crisp images and supports photo-taking and video recording with its built-in high-speed 32GB storage capacity.

Zoom ZH50 is a high-end thermal imaging monocular for outdoor. It has greater magnification and keeps three unique technologies of ZOOM series: Dual Field of View, 1440×1080 HD Resolution ,and Shutterless Calibration Technology.With the ZOOM&#39;s patented dual-field-of-view design, observers can seamlessly switch between a wide field-of-view (FOV) for detection and a narrow FOV for target identification. It could be extensively used for night hunting, observation and terrain positioning, search, rescue, and more.

Holo HL25 is a large-screen direct-vision thermal imaging scope. You can use it to capture or aim at targets with your eyes. Holo HL25 makes upgrades and improvements on the basis of the first generation, it can be used in hunting, searching, aiming, high-end war game, family defense, and other scenarios.

The InfiRay Tube-TD50L is a high-performance digital night vision riflescope designed in the traditional day optic form factor to accommodate optimal use on bolt action rifles. The TD50L is the perfect digital night vision optic for the discerning hunter looking for classic aesthetics and excellent low-light sensor sensitivity. Featuring a 13+ hour run time and an IP67 rating, the TD50L can last all night in any hunting conditions.

The Clip CH50 series is designed as thermal attachments formost traditional rifle scopes. NO REZEROING is needed, just CLAMP&amp;SHOOT!Zoom the image 2times and 4times is supported on CH50 series without affecting the aiming accuracy when mounted on the day optics. Now expanding your hunting gear together with our CH50 series!

The Clip C Series is designed as an front attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP&amp;SHOOT. It is a dual-use device since it can be switched into a professional monocular with optical monocular accessory in few seconds. Now expanding your detection ability together with your CL 42.

Clip M Series is one of the most affordable Clip-on type cameras in the market. It is very compact and easy to use as an attachment together with day scopes. NO RE-ZEROING is required when attaching to the day scope. It also can be used as a professional portable monocular. Small body but with powerful ability.

Clip T Series is one of the most compact and cheapest thermal imager attachment for sights on the market, which is mainly used with day riflescope and low cost, low power consumption and miniaturization.

The ZH38 is a high-end thermal imaging monocular for outdoor. It has three “FIRSTS” in the industry, those are dual field of view (FOV), 1440×1080 high display resolution ,and shutterless technology. While maintaining the advantages of clear images, the ZH38 also has a variety of diversified color options, PIP, digital zoom, hot spot tracking, probability rangefinding ,and other functions. It could be extensively used for night hunting, observation and terrain positioning, search ,and rescue, etc.

The Cabin series is a small, light, and easy to hold and operate thermal imaging monocular.The clear image, quick-release battery pack, quick focusing knob, built-in LED light and other features make it the most comfortable and easy-to-use helper for outdoor observation.

The DV series can be used as a monocular thermal imaging scope or as an attachment to a mobile phone. When connecting to a phone, it can be used as a tool for real-time temperature measurement. With small size and weight of 89 g, the device is easy to be put in a pocket. It is small, but much powerful.

The newly upgraded Finder II Series comprises models FH35R and FL35R. As a high-end monocular with added rangefinder functionality, the Finder II Series captures all the fine details and precise outdoor observation that the modern hunter and outdoor professional users would expect from an InfiRay product. It is a truly versatile unit and will quickly become a kit essential when you&#39;re out in the field.

EyeⅡSeries V3 is a powerful, compact and cost-effective thermal imaging monocular which adopts a 12μm 640*512 resolution thermal sensor with sensorNETD≤25mK (@25°C,F#=1.0)and a high contrast HD OLED display, within innovative improvement in thermal imaging quality and multifunctional features, brings you great technical superiority and experience in thermal imaging.Better Sensor, clearer imaging!

The Rico series is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product. The product is featured with alterable laser rangefinder, detachable battery pack, eyepiece magnification up to 16 times, and comprehensive upgrade of software interface.

Tube NV excels at capturing clear target details. Leverage the power of a 1980x1080 sensor with 4μm pixels for exceptional low-light sensitivity. Paired with a vibrant 1440x1080 OLED display, experience unparalleled precision and clarity in night shooting. Elevate your shooting experience with this unbeatable technology combination.

The Finder V2 takes a big leap in image quality and user experience. The thermal sensor has higher sensitivity and the objective lens is equipped with a bigger aperture. Together with inherited features, Finder V2 fits perfectly for the professional hunter, who demands excellent performance and ultra-portable design.

The Gemini Binoculars are a highly effective and innovative observation device. We incorporate many advanced features such as dual-spectrum technology into its classic compact binocular structure. It delivers a comfortable observation experience in complex hunting environments.

The Hybrid HYL50W is the world&#39;s first high-end thermal imaging scope boasting a remarkable 90Hz refresh rate. It offers unparalleled visual smoothness and clarity, featuring ballistic calculation and BDC reticles, and can be used use as a clip-on or stand-alone thermal riflescope. Through technological innovation, Hybrid HYL50W will bring an unprecedented observation experience to our users.

Built upon the original RICO Mk1 series, the RH50R was designed with an integrated 1,200-yard capable rangefinder, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and increased sensitivity to an impressive µ20 mK. The RH50R features a high-performance 12 µm Micro II core, a 1750-yard detection range, and an ultra-high-contrast 2560×2560 AMOLED HD display for an unparalleled viewing experience. The RH50R takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of its MATRIX III processor. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface combines with a picture-in-picture function, 5+ hour run-time, magnesium housing, 1000 G/s2 shock-resistance, and 32 GB of internal memory. The RH50R also unlocks advanced features such as a rotating zoom lever, magnetic charging port, and recoil activated video.

Based on the popular RICO Mk1 series, the RICO Mk1 V2 was redesigned with improved audio recording, a blazing fast 60 Hz refresh rate, and an impressively upgraded &nbsp;20 mK sensitivity. The heart of the Mk1 V2 features a high-performance InfiRay Micro II core and an extremely high-contrast AMOLED HD display. The Mk1 V2 takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of its MATRIX III processor. Unmatched image quality combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, picture-in-picture function, two long-lasting battery packs with 6+ hours of run-time each, aluminum-alloy housing, 1000 G/s2 shock-resistance, and 32 GB of internal memory give you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.

Introducing the flagship model from InfiRay Outdoor, equipped with a high-end thermal sensor. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, it delivers unparalleled high-definition image quality, tailored to the requirements of professional hunters.

Experience a technological transformation in traditional sighting with this single device. The New Mate continues this legacy of innovation, featuring built-in LRF and ballistic calculation capabilities, significantly enhancing the hunting experience.

The Iris Series will surprise you with its exceptional image quality, which is significantly better than average, and its ultimate portable size, even smaller than a cellphone. The lightweight design of 330g, IP67 water resistance, and replaceable 18650 battery make it your most portable and reliable thermal spotter.

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