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Thermal Imaging Phone Accessory DV Series
ZOOM Series


Thermal Imaging Scope & Monocular

ZOOM Series

Thermal Imaging Monocular ZOOM ZH50 Series

Thermal Imaging Monocular ZOOM ZH50 Series

Zoom ZH50 is a high-end thermal imaging monocular for outdoor. It has greater magnification and keeps three unique technologies of ZOOM series: Dual Field of View, 1440×1080 HD Resolution and Shutterless Calibration Technology.

With the ZOOM's patented dual-field-of-view design, observers can seamlessly switch between a wide field-of-view (FOV) for detection, and a narrow FOV for target identification. It could be extensively used for night hunting, observation and terrain positioning, search, rescue, and more.

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Meet with ZOOM ZH50 

ZOOM's Three Unique Techs

Dual Field of View Design

The wider FOV with a focal length of 25mm can be used for target search while the narrower FOV with a focal length of 50mm can be used for target identification.

The detection distance can reach up to 2.6km. With F-number 0.88/1.1, imaging clarity can be lifted to a new level.

1440×1080 FHD OLED Display
Using 1440×1080 FHD OLED display, the observation effect is more excellent. And the 20×magnification eyepiece makes the target search more accurate and the observation distance is longer.

Shutterless Technology

The shutterless core module is adopted to nullify the shutter calibration, simplify the operation.

Clearer Imaging

12µm Thermal Imaging Sensor with NETD ≤25mK

ZH50 is equipped with uncooled VOx 12um 640×512 high resolution sensor featuring NETD ≤25mk (25°C, F#=1.0). With the powerful sensor and image algorithm, better image quality is provided. Even in heavy fog and rain, the built-in ultra clear mode can also result in clear imaging through a more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities.

10 hrs × 2 batteries
Using low-power components, lower power consumption, with a standard additional battery pack and a replaceable 4400mAh large-capacity lithium battery pack, battery life up to 20 hours.

Multiple Functions

32GB Storage & WiFi Connection

ZH50 is built with memory of 32GB which can support to store video and pictures. Built-in WiFi module supports APP connection and media transmission.

5 Color Palettes
For different hunting environments and personal habits, ZH50 provides more than 5 color palettes, including “white hot” “black hot” “red hot” “color” and “hot target highlight”.  Switching between different color palettes is fast and easy.

Your Wise Choice of ZOOM Series

Model ZL38 ZH38 ZH50
Detector Specifications
Type Uncooled Vox
Resolution 384×288 640×512
Pixel  12μm
NETD ≤ 25mK
Frame Rate 50hz
Optical Specifications
Focal Length  19/38mm 19/38mm 25/50mm
F-number 0.9/1.2 0.8/1.0 0.88/1.1
Optical Magnification 2.7×~21.3× 1.6×~12.8× 2.2×~17.6×
Field of View(FOV) 13.9°×10.4°/6.9°×5.2° 22.9 × 17.2 /11.5 × 8.7  17.5 × 13.1 /8.7 × 6.6 
Detection Range (Targetsize:1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%) 987/1974 987/1974 1298 / 2596
Digital Zoom 1×/2×/3×/4×
Exit Pupil Distance 20mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 5.5mm
Diopter -5~+5
Resolution 1440×1080
Dimension 0.4"
Battery Lithium-ion battery pack IBP-1/4400mAh/DC 3.7V
Service Voltage 3V~4.2V
External Voltage 5V (Type C USB)
Physical Specifications
Battery Life 12h※ 10h※
Memory Capacity 32GB
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Weight 540g 580g 650g
Dimension 190×65×60 190×65×60 195×65×60


(Quick Start Guide)

(Version: ZOOM_W_GUI_V0258)

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.